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posted 03 Jan 2007, 21:01 in Author Q & Athe Thousandfold thought. by Soul, Commoner

I believe the ThousandFold Thought is actualy controling reality through belief. If enough people believe something to be true, then it is true. Hence Moenghus mention of that odd game, the name of which escapes me at the moment. If i had to guess, that the underlying system here is of a World Soul, and it shapes reality through belief, or something along those lines. So, if a thousand, thousand believe it so, it is.. hence why the gap between TTT and Aspect Emporer, it'll take Kellus sometime to spread TTT. view post

posted 06 Jan 2007, 21:01 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by Soul, Commoner

I think its more like, the belief of the others are turning him into what he merely pretended to be. view post

posted 26 Jan 2007, 17:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by Soul, Commoner

I'm not sure anyone said anything about contradicting or negating exsistence, as that would be fair easier said than done, as long as people see, feel, smell, taste, and breath they will believe they exist. If belief has no berring, then Kellhus's halloe'd hands become harder to explain, save perhaps mass hysteria, which he himself is succumbing to. Unless its the slow progression of the outside gaining interest in him. Also, the thousand-fold thought also comes into question. I think Moengus pretty clearly spells out what the thousand-fold thought is. He relays the concept of a game of lies, they are so widely played out that then in-truth become reality. What a thousand, thousand believe becomes truth. Now, there are a lot of potential issues with this, as most people believe a lot of differant things, but i think by and large what is held to be 'unvirersaly true', holds sway.. now to what degree its hard to say. view post

posted 11 Feb 2007, 20:02 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by Soul, Commoner

Those are some good points, especialy involving the inchoroi and the tusk. However, Kellhus' not being able to heal is not damaging. Kellhus wasn't the prophet yet, imo just as neo in the matrix wasn't the one when Morpheus found him. Kellhus won't be the prophet he claims to be, until he believes he is the prophet he claims to be which seemed to be what was happening at the end of the thousandfold thought. If the Inchoroi or probably more precisely the Mandate via the Mangecca created the tusk that is indeed pretty scarey, however the principal of the one god isn't excluded by this as kellhus expresses the god as a sort of 'World Soul'. Lets hope the Aspect Emporer touches on some of thse concepts early on. view post

posted 12 Feb 2007, 13:02 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by Soul, Commoner

Yes, I meant Consult sorry, all the ms perhaps. The time frames for some of these events are sketchy so its hard to place, I can't recall as I don't have the glossary near by, but was the tusk brought when they broke the gates or after? view post


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