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Introduction (not really) posted 12 Dec 2008, 06:12 in WelcomesIntroduction (not really) by Zarath_2.0, Commoner

Hello all. I believe it was over a year ago now that I registered here as "Zarathinius." When I decided to check back in, not only had the forum theme COMPLETELY changed, but my account was disabled. So here I am again. There is nothing else to say. view post

Re: Iyokus as enemy in new book? posted 19 Dec 2008, 01:12 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIyokus as enemy in new book? by Zarath_2.0, Commoner

That makes sense. Somehow I imagine him as being a secondary enemy: a thorn in the protagonists's side that is dealt with before the end of the book. He could prove formidable, though, under the right circumstances. view post


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