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Hi guys, first time posting here. I just wanted to say that i have been a long time George RR Martin fan. He rescued me from the Wheel of Time series and for that i am eternally grateful. I swear my vision was growing dark and my heart was slowly...fading... During the gap between a Storm of Swords and his yet unreleased A Feast For Crows i turned elsewhere to get my fantasy fix. Living in America i went to my nearest Barnes and Noble and was a tad surprised that the face of fantasy...had not changed. Same crap on the shelves that was there 5 years prior. I became desperate. Thankfully i have a canadian friend who is up to date on the fantasy going on in his country and he streered me towards Erikson. Wow, neat...very cool...but there is somethign missing, i thought. After i devoured the 4 books i was again left without any fantasy to read (i need fantasy damnit! there is only so much "Other" that i can take). And friend starts ranting and raving about TDTCB. I pick it up (actually i order it from and i have to say...i now have a second favorite fantasy author, and his name is Scott Bakker. Your writing rules Ser. Please keep it up and please continue to feed my addiction. view post


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