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Re: Who would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? posted 12 Jan 2009, 04:01 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

I had always imagined Kellhus to look like Christian Bale (with blonde hair of course). He would do well acting Kellhus's personality. [url:2zq5tjyf][/url:2zq5tjyf] view post

Anasurimbor Kellhus and Jesus Christ posted 05 Feb 2009, 19:02 in General DiscusssionAnasurimbor Kellhus and Jesus Christ by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

If one takes a look at the perspective of some Christian eschatology, there seems to be some striking parallels between what many Christians view to be the Tribulation period, i.e Apocalypse and to the Second Apocalypse in Eärwa. Anasurimbor Kellhus keeps me guessing, but he sure seems in some areas very similar to who many Christians label the "anti-christ," the false christ or prophet. He'll give these impressive sermons and speeches and even perform miracles like sending down fire from the skies. Jesus never did this personally, but here we get a similarity with Kellhus and the mysterious prophet of the future who can seemingly work sorcery, but is claiming to be divine at the same time. Is that a coincidence? While he performs these wonders to the people, just like Kellhus many will think he is the harbinger to end all wars. He makes peace with Israel and crushes the "Golgotterath" kingdoms and demands universal peace and to worship him as God incarnate. It is also said the anti-christ lacks and real emotion or any remorse toward anything or anyone. Again, sounds like Kellhus. The only difference with Kellhus is that it seems he starts to succumb to some real human emotion throughout his love "interests" in the story? But I think its clear he is just using them for political gain. These are just some similarities I can think of off the top of my head. Best Regards! view post

The eye in the Pick's heart *spoilers* posted 15 Mar 2009, 21:03 in The Judging EyeThe eye in the Pick's heart *spoilers* by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

"Suddenly he stopped. Everyone leaned forward, breathless, struck by the sight of a scar or suture along one of the heart's fat-sheathed chambers. With his thumb Xonghis pressed open the upper lid... A human eye stared at them." --pg. 329 The Judging Eye This is but one of the many parts in the story I didn't completely understand. Who/what exactly did the Bloody Pick meet in Cil Aujas? Was it the shade of Gin'yursis? Who or what exactly is that dead eye and how did it end up in a man's heart? And was the severed hand supposed to be part of his wife, Gamarrah, was it? view post

I am a devout follower of Kellhus posted 10 Sep 2009, 14:09 in The Judging EyeI am a devout follower of Kellhus by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

I am cognizant of the fact that Anasurimbor Kellhus may be a false prophet, but I simply cannot help myself. Ever since being introduced to him in "The Darkness That Comes Before," he has held me spellbound, seduced. So much in fact do I idolize him, that I know if I was following him to Golgotterath, I would gladly die for him. Or should I say Him? Again, I don't care if he is a madman, an anti-christ of sorts. It's just very strange of me, I realize, to be so captivated by a man such as this who not only exerts power over the characters in the world of Earwa, but the reader as well. I know some cannot stand Kellhus, but for me, I just cannot resist him, and I find myself rooting for him, no matter what so-called "atrocities" he may have committed. It's very strange. I have read a lot of fantasy, and this is genuinely the first character *who may be evil* that I have actually looked up to. His charisma, charm, leadership qualities I have actually tried to practice in real life from time to time. I have actually learned and applied his principles (or should i say Bakker's) to my everyday conduct, and even the "manipulation techniques" have actually bore good fruit. I have learned much more about human behavior, and have come to appreciate people on a whole new level. It's very strange, it's very surreal, and it's very good, as I cannot but give thanks to this wonderful character Scott has created. Kudos! view post

Re: I am a devout follower of Kellhus posted 17 Sep 2009, 04:09 in The Judging EyeI am a devout follower of Kellhus by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

World-born men such as you, I am sure, follow your traditional cultural norms of what it means to parent children "properly." I am sure my master Kellhus would respectfully differ with your perception of rearing children. ;) view post

Re: PoN/AE inspired art? posted 26 Jun 2010, 07:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionPoN/AE inspired art? by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

Hey, how far are you now with your drawings? I've been dying to see some fanart! Looking forward to seeing your work! Best Regards view post


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