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Re: Achamian and the Ciphrang posted 08 Aug 2008, 08:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAchamian and the Ciphrang by Sean Archer, Commoner

[quote="Sardaukar":1a8rio27]I'm a bit confused about what happened between Achamian being carried by the Ciphrang and him waking up under the care of the Shimeh woman and her husband. He is delirious in the clutches of the demon, has a dream where the No-God calls him by name, then wakes up back on solid ground. There is reference to the Ciphrang bleeding naphtha and spiralling downward...Did it come under AA fire from Weepers and drop him? Not clear.[/quote:1a8rio27] Yes i must admit some confusion here as well. Even though i've read the relevent chapters a couple of times. The Criphrang was flying "dunkenly"(drunk from the battle with Akka, or the defeat of him?) accross the sky, and accross Shimeh(its guard would have been down if it indeed was giddy from the battle), at this point the demon then started spiraling towards the ground. Now, was the demon assulted by someone while it was over Shimeh? thus being forced to the shores of Meneanor sea or did it land from the damage inflicted by akka? If it were a weeper then surely it would have turned to salt and simply plumeted into Shimeh with aka... Or may be Kellhus had a hand in it? while the demon was above Shimeh So i see three possiblilties 1 - in the end Iyokus release the demon 2 - It lost its corporeal form due to the damage inflicted by akka and had to return back to the hell it came from 3 - Kellhus aided akka by attaking the demon Well thats my 2 cents for now, time to go home :D view post


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