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posted 27 May 2005, 19:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerwe/Esmenet as Mary Magdalen? by The One Eyed Squid, Commoner

I don't think that Esmenet stands for Mary Magdalen. However, there are similarities between the two characaters. They even have a connection. It's just not direct. Scott has said that the lead characters in the Prince of Nothing are all inspired directly from common fantasy archetypes. Esmenet isn't Mary Magdalen and Mary Magdalen isn't Esmenet. Instead they both come from the same idea, the prostitute. The prostitute seeking salvation is an old idea. Mary Magdalen is one of its oldest examples. Esmenet is a much newer one. Semantically, I don't believe that "Esmenet stands for Mary Magdalen." Esmenet and Mary Magdalen share a common thought of origin. This common idea connects the both characters with each other as well as many other characters. -The One Eyed Squid view post


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