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beyond my ability posted 22 Jan 2005, 22:01 in Author Q & AThis time I got a question... by ilana richardson, Candidate

it is beyond my ability to understand why people are not picking your book up. But i have a guess. It's because before i randomely picked up your book out of despair since all the big name authors sucked, i'd never heard of the series. No fantasy fan who ever reads your works will ever become anything less than a die hard for-life fan. Your books are beyond anything, they're that drink of water to the starving marooned sailor, boiling on the deserted beaches of popular fantasy. I think some publicity would do the job. The only reason i can think for your books having trouble in the US is just that. Not enough publicity. There's no doubt, and iv'e read fantasy all my life, that you're the new collosus in fantasy. Your books fill that gaping hole burrowed into fantasy lovers everywhere by cliche characters weilding the pickaxes of no talent. I can only scratch my head and say, give it time. Your books are great, your talent undeniable. As more and more people read your books in the US, you'll come into your well deserved own. view post

future of the series posted 22 Jan 2005, 22:01 in Author Q & AScott, tell me this won't be your excuse for delaying TTT ;) by ilana richardson, Candidate

Hi Mr. Bakker i was wondering if you could expand on yoru future plans for PoN. I know there's a third book coming, is it the last? Any other series planned around the PoN world? Please fill us in on your long term plans!! view post

sorry posted 22 Jan 2005, 23:01 in Author Q & AThe appearance of the Sranc? by ilana richardson, Candidate

i'm sorry. Truly truly sorry. But without the description which is kinda vague (guess we have to wait for book 3) my image of sranc was human body with a horses head, mane flowing and vicious teeth....... i'm such a loser :wink: view post

personally posted 23 Jan 2005, 00:01 in Author Q & AWhat are you most looking forward to? by ilana richardson, Candidate

personally i'm looking for the meeting between Kellus, Cnaiur, and Kellus's father. What has the father been doing this whole time, and how does what he's been doing tie into the Consults plans? Is he for it or against it? can't wait! view post

UHHH posted 23 Jan 2005, 00:01 in Off-Topic DiscussionYour top 5 fantasy series... by ilana richardson, Candidate

shockingly my number one pick doesn't seem to be listed. Something wrong there. 1. Margaret Weis/ Tracy Hickman "dragonlance" series 2. Margaret Weist "Star of the Gaurdian" series 3. R. Scott Bakker "PoN" 4. George R.R. Martin "Asongoficeandfire" series 5. David Eddings "belgariad" I don't read eddings as much anymore but he's what started me loving fantasy. He's an incredible author and i read his books many many times when i was younger. I enjoy Bakkers now because my tastes have developed but to not give eddings props seems to me very wrong. Worth looking at. Richard A. Knaak "Diablo" series. Definately worth a look, not as developed as Bakker obviouisly, but still fun and dark. And of course my all time favorite fantasy comedy writer, the funniest comedy writer of all time - Terry Pratchett view post

what i like posted 23 Jan 2005, 00:01 in Book ClubA Game of Thrones book club discussion open by ilana richardson, Candidate

what i really like about George Martin is the touches of comedy he puts into his book. I think that really makes the book more enjoyable. Writing funny dialogue is a gift and he's got it. Of course i love the series for alot of other reasons too :wink: view post

yeah posted 23 Jan 2005, 00:01 in Literature DiscussionPrince Of Ayodhya by ilana richardson, Candidate

yeah i read Prince of Arodhya i enjoyed it. Looks like a promising author. view post

yeah posted 24 Jan 2005, 20:01 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by ilana richardson, Candidate

yeah i'm not sure if George Martin killing off main characters like Ned and Rob is good or bad. I mean its a nice difference to the usual bouts of fantasy but its so frustrating when an author creates a character that you slowly grow to like and admire then destroyes him. So yeah, Rob at the wedding was great in that it made me feel emotion, which is i guess what authors are after. ...i don't know. Maybe i'm just a sucker for a happy ending. Thats why i never watch reality tv or jerry springer. view post

sorcerer posted 06 Feb 2005, 09:02 in Author Q & ACharacter heights in Earwa by ilana richardson, Candidate

and yet tall people earn higher pay and have better jobs than short people. They're also more attractive to women. Lots of research to back this up. So i don't know about their skeletal systems giving out later on, but they'll definately enjoy the intervening years ps... how many short supermodels do you know :shock: view post

weird... posted 06 Feb 2005, 09:02 in Author Q & AEarwa Related babble... by ilana richardson, Candidate

strangely enough i had no trouble choosing my heroes in the Prince of Nothing series. The Consult rock!@ Wipe out humanity and start over, and this time build it like '1984'. No independence = no violence = no competition = peace. view post

what posted 06 Feb 2005, 09:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnair by ilana richardson, Candidate

the only good is innocence. Serwe is good. With knowledge comes competition, desire, and evil. Ikurei Conphas is evil. view post

yes posted 12 Feb 2005, 09:02 in Author Q & AEarwa Related babble... by ilana richardson, Candidate

have ice pick.... will travel view post

so what is Scott Bakker reading? posted 19 Feb 2005, 18:02 in Author Q & Aso what is Scott Bakker reading? by ilana richardson, Candidate

Hi Mr. Bakker, I was wondering what book or books you were currently reading... and what you'd recommend for the despairing fantasy fans... i saw alot of people praising The Scar by China Melville, i'm about a quarter of the way through it and having a hard time enjoying it. I'm not so sure if Science Fiction of that sorts my thing, but in all honesty i do love Orson Scott Card, so i'm not completely against sci fi. Anyway i'm just curious what you're reading plus what books or authors you really like or liked. I'm sick and tired of shelling out money and risking new authors and being horribly dissapointed, though luckily one of those risks was your first book. One good apple in a basket of bad fruit :? view post

a posted 19 Feb 2005, 19:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by ilana richardson, Candidate

what view post

y posted 24 Feb 2005, 09:02 in Author Q & Aso what is Scott Bakker reading? by ilana richardson, Candidate

thanks for the reply. I'm currently reading Deadhouse Gates by erikson, i have to say his second book is alot better than the first one. The first one was good too, but i'm really enjoying the second book! view post

whats great posted 06 Mar 2005, 06:03 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by ilana richardson, Candidate

i heard that homeland security is launching a serious investigation into Paul Begala's receding hairline. And the word on the street is Tucker Carlson's urine... pure colombian nose cream. I personally wave my flag left to right, unlike those other sick freaks who wave it right to left. And it seems no matter how hard i wave the flag, i can't drown out the sound of cash registers ringing in the homes of the economic and political giants who've always run the world. view post

wow posted 06 Mar 2005, 06:03 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by ilana richardson, Candidate

very glad to hear TTT's coming along great Scot!! personally i've heard on the street that George Martin is close to finishing the second adendum to the first version of the second half of his final book. It's close i can just feel it!! view post

ye posted 10 Mar 2005, 18:03 in Author Q & Aso what is Scott Bakker reading? by ilana richardson, Candidate

so mr bakker when and if you ever get writers block, what do you do to shake it? everyone has their own little ritual or whatever, i was wondering what yours was thanks! 8) view post

posted 17 Mar 2005, 20:03 in Author Q & Aso what is Scott Bakker reading? by ilana richardson, Candidate

thats awesome, i'm apparently already halfway there! i am completely uninspired most of my day! 8) view post

posted 02 Apr 2005, 09:04 in Author Q & Aso what is Scott Bakker reading? by ilana richardson, Candidate

i wish i could do that. 90 percent of my day is taken up with so many trivial things. I always make time to read though, when i'm not on my computer. My time agonizing in bookstores would go much easier if there were more good authors, but there really just aren't, at least in the genre i'm interested in. As for alienating the wife i can just imagine what it would be like to be married to an author. Hopefully they don't all subscribe to the "my inspiration comes from my pain" approach to life. :wink: view post

posted 02 Apr 2005, 09:04 in Author Q & ACongratulations! by ilana richardson, Candidate

umm... so thats not a normal attitude to have? just kidding personally i do think good authors are a gift to mankind (not from God just in general). I get lost in different worlds, it helps when i realize how boring this whole consumer driven world we live in is. TWP is a great example. There are things in there, fromthe most horrible deeds to the most honorable and beautiful, things that never really happen to you in real life. So you get to experience a world that you can never access, and if the authors good enough (like you scott) the characters in the books become real to you. So you care when they die. Oh the power authors have to toy with their readers emotions :? Who knows maybe i'm just being silly 8) view post

posted 12 Aug 2005, 16:08 in Author Q & APrince of Nothing in Audio Book by ilana richardson, Candidate

i'm all for PoN audiobooks, something i can listen to on the mp3 player. But please pleeeease pick someone with a great voice (if the black penguin even lets you do that) view post


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