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posted 18 Jan 2005, 05:01 in Philosophy DiscussionDrug Legalization by dolemite, Commoner

I don't think anybody here is really arguing that crack or meth should be legalized, lots of people however, are more sympathetic to weed. I think there's a relatively straightforward solution that allows people who want to smoke weed to smoke, and keeps it off the shelves at 7-11, and also out of the hands of criminal groups. If you don't have children in the house, you are allowed to grow your own, maybe 1-3 plants or something. No more criminal groups getting rich, no college kids in jail for having a smoke that's weaker thn the beer in their other hand, no weed being pushed by massive corporations onto young'ins. view post

The Mandate of Heaven posted 29 Apr 2005, 09:04 in Writing TipsGreat News - and please post what work you are all doing. by dolemite, Commoner

I began creating my world/background at the beginning of last fall, and though its been a bit of a struggle, I've begun to put some words on the page. Despite the good advice of others on this board I'm trying to immedietly launch into a rather huge series, proably 6 + books, but hell, short stories can always come out of a longer work, nein? Anyway, I found a working title for my book, "The Mandate of Heaven", which is what the Chinese called their particular means of legitimating rulers, namely that by upright moral conduct a good ruler could be supported by the universe, or nature itself to some extent. My book has two general themes, the first of which is struggle between religions, primarialy, but not limited to, a conflict between an upstart monotheistic faith, and a heiarchical (?) politcally involved polytheism. I've always been very interested in the conflict between Christianity and paganism in the ancient world (and continuing right up to today), so I'm trying to write something that can hopefully criticize and commened the appropriate aspects of both religious traditions. The second major theme is the decline of the human species and their political order thanks to two other races who have developed superior "magic", (I'm trying to make the application of magic in my books EXTREMELY limited), one race consisting of vampire like creatures, and the other a symbiotic cultural grouping of various Neanderthals, Yeti, and other ape-like hominids. ]The environmenatlist in me wants desprately to write about the revenge of nature and animals on the world of man, so I've devised a way that I think is interesting, but I'm not sure if it is reasonable. Basically, the only magic I'm allowing in my world is the ability to control animals, which can be taken to quite sophisticated levels. For example, an individual who had mastered this particular art could confront a cavalry charge with a herd of stampeding cave buffalo or something. It's common knowledge that humans are physically weaklings compared to most animals, so I wanted to play with the idea of what might happen if some intelligent force could mobilize various animals throughout the world with the express purpose of destabilizing human civilization. Like I said though, not sure if its feasible, so I'd like it if anyone could provide some feedback. Gracias para todos! view post

posted 17 Jun 2005, 16:06 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat philosopher suits you most? by dolemite, Commoner

Lao Tzu! May the Tao reign supreme and every human being learn to avoid striving and let the universe work itself out as it cannot help but do. Muddafukas! view post

posted 25 Jun 2005, 12:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionWoT by dolemite, Commoner

I started reading the WoT last fall, and god help me, I was hooked. I'm living in Taiwan, so the selction of english-language fantasy books was pretty scarce but still... I really liked alot of elements that were in the books, but around the seventh book or so, something awful started to happen. The spell was just broken for me, and by the time I hit number ten (god help me) I felkt like a soap opera fan, who watched out of comfort, not for any redeaming artistic quality whatsoever. Anyway, my biggest problems were, 1. Pacing. Perrin is looking for his wife now for, what is it? Two books? Three? He's found the Aiel? Two books to find em? Oh for christs sake... 2.Just a general childesness. I'm not looking for erotica or anything, but how long did it take for anyone to get laid? Rand is running the wrold, and until the last couple books, I could count on one finger how many times he got laid. Not my biggest issue or anything, but this kind of kids book behavior can really make a book unbelivable to me. 3. WAY to much description of things that don't matter. "Egwene hurumphed and smoothed her skirt. She seemed angry. Nyanaeve(?) tugged on her braid. 'Is Egwene angry?' she wondered? She continued tugging on her braid as she looked at the beautiful dress Egwene was cloaked in. My, how beautifully Domani silk suits she she mused. Suddenly Egwene began brushing her hair, her expression seemed paind. Nyaneave wondered how she was dealing the pressure of these dark, dark times..." continues like this for 23 pages. I feel ripped off. This is like Jar Jar all over again for me... view post

Holy shit! posted 11 Jan 2006, 23:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThousandfold Thought discussion *Spoilers* by dolemite, Commoner

I walked into the bookstore todat just to browse, I didn't expect TTFT to come out for another couple of weeks or so, so when I saw a couple of blood-red copies sitting humbly on the bookshelves I just about shit myself. I've already read about about a quarter of it, and its real difficult for me to even sit here and type this with the still fresh TTFT right beside me. I don't think it would be much of a spoiler if I reveal that so far, the book is fucking good. view post


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