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Couple of quick questions posted 03 Nov 2004, 01:11 in Author Q & ACouple of quick questions by Shryke, Candidate

Hey, just a few questions that came up well rereading the series. 1) Everytime I hear about the migration of men to Earwa, they mention 4 nations: Norsirai, Ketyai, Satyothi and Scylvendi. But in the back of the TDTCB, under the appendix on languages, they mention Xiangic, a language apparently spoken by the Xiuhianni peoples or the Lost Nation. Any info you can give on these guys? 2) Alright, we have some idea how the Chorae work, by creating a contradiction that unravels the chants, but how does the Uroborian Circl ein the Inrithi temple in Iothiah work? 3) Anything on the Aporos (the kind of sorcery that made the Chorae) would be nice. Obviously, some of the answers may be spoilers or get explained later, so if you can't answer, I can settle for a "You'll find out later". I just won't be happy about it :D Thanks in advance. view post

posted 06 Nov 2004, 18:11 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Shryke, Candidate

Currently listening to a few bands, mostly in the car: Ozma Franz Ferdinand Powderfinger The Killers it's all good as long as I don't have to get stuck listening to the radio. view post

posted 07 Feb 2006, 22:02 in Author Q & AState of Canadian literary culture by Shryke, Candidate

The truly sad thing about this is that this is the way even canadians think about there own literature. We either don't produce much else, or the else we don't SEE what we produce other then this. I remember in English class back in High School, we were doing a unit on modernish (this century) Canadian Literature. Each of us picked and read a different book from a huge list of canadian authors. Right before each presentation, me and a few friends would try and guess what the book was about. I always went with "women in a small town dealing with issues". Sadly, I rarely lost. And even worse, school is where the majority of the populace gets exposed to books. Judging from what they give us, it's no wonder so few people I know from High School read. view post

posted 17 Feb 2006, 17:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTDTCB Prolouge by Shryke, Candidate

Yeah, I've been mulling over what that guy meant since I first read it. When I hit the part where the Consult Synthese says the exact same thing to Kellhus while it was possesing Esmenets body, I was kinda going "What the hell?". view post

posted 17 Feb 2006, 17:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Shryke, Candidate

At the end, it always seemed to me that he went with the Consult. His last thoughts are about the Skin Spy pretending to be Serwe. Plus, the Consult seems very aware at this point of the fact that only Cnaiur seems to understand the Dunyain. I think they will have done there best to save and use him. I see him returning as the Consult General, as we already know he's highly intelligent and has n extremely good grasp of tactics. view post

posted 17 Feb 2006, 18:02 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Shryke, Candidate

Well, according to the Glossary, the reason it took so long for the Heron Spear to get used wa that the No-God never appeared on the field of battle. It wasn't until the stubborn resistance of the last of man at the Battle of Mengedda that the No-God was forced to take to the field in order to assure them victory. One can assume that Seswatha went for the Heron Spear knowing it would help them in some way. (We know he actually did it BEFORE the No-God was summoned, but perhaps he knew the No-God was coming. During one of Akka's dreams, he has some osrt of imagining about asaulting Golgotterath in tie to stop the No-God from being summoned, so perhaps he knew it was coming) In any event, I always assumed that the Consult, know ing that Seswatha was out there with the Heron Spear, kept the No-God safely away from him until they were forced to use him to break the men at Mengedda.\ As for the Heron Spear itself, it seems to be some kind of energy weapon, the last remaining one the Inchoroi brought with them to this planet. We know from the description of the Cuno-Inchoroi wars that the rest were eventually destroyed or stopped working. view post

posted 18 Feb 2006, 00:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Shryke, Candidate

It seems to me that Grallon's whole argument rests on a personal distaste for religion. He seems unable to accept that perhaps sorcery really IS the voice of the God(s) and not some sort of phenomenon that could be eventually explained away with science. As to the Inchoroi, if you reread the section where Kellhus talks with the possesed Esemenet, you can get a fairly good understanding of the Inchoroi from his thoughts on them. They, or the part of them we see, are a race that has become obssesed with the carnal. In his words, they have a hundred words for ejaculation. For whatever reason, they crashed on this planet. At some point, we don't know whether it was before or after the crash, they have become obssesed with escaping the damnation in the next life, the damnation brought on by there way of life. To do this, they need to destroy all, or almost all, sentient life on Earwa. view post

posted 18 Feb 2006, 20:02 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Shryke, Candidate

[quote:1h14rgw9]What I found strange was that the Heron Spear was actually a weapon used by the Inchoroi, by their King (Sil) no less. How then does it follow that it is the antidote to their greatest weapon, the No-God? [/quote:1h14rgw9] As I see it, the Heron Spear is an incredibly powerful NON-SORCEROUS long range weapon. This makes it a perfect thing to use against someone immune to sorcery and also surrounded by armies. Seems a fairly easy connection to make. This of course, sitll doesn't deal with why Seswatha went to find it BEFORE the No-God was summoned. But afterwords, the jump to using it doesn't seem like a hard one to make. [quote:1h14rgw9]Thirdly, outside of the Heron Spear, which is lost, are there still Inchoroi weapons of light remaining in Earwa? If so, may they turn up in Aspect Emperor? Or have they all been destroyed in the Cunu-Inchoroi wars? [/quote:1h14rgw9] I'm thinking they're all lost, destroyed or not in the possestion of the Consult. If they had them, they would've used them already. In the descriptions of the Cuno-Inchoroi wars, they said the Nonmen only started to beat them back after they'd exhausted or destroyed all the Inchoroi weapons of light. view post

posted 18 Feb 2006, 20:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by Shryke, Candidate

I find it interesting that the No-God seems to exert some sort of control, and talks through, only those creatures WITHOUT souls. This, to me, seems to be our biggest clue as to the essence of what it is. If men and nonmen souls are like bits of god peaking through the cracks of the world from the outside, maybe the no-god is somehow analegous to the outside but for those creatures that are souless? *Shrug* just some thoughts I had on the subject. view post

posted 18 Feb 2006, 20:02 in Author Q & AAkka and the Ciphrang - TTT spoilers by Shryke, Candidate

Yeah, it seems really confusing the first time, but rereading it a few hours later it seemed much more clear what happened. Akka tore that thing apart, and almost killed it before it incapacitated him. As it was carrying him away, it was slowly dying, eventually dropping him on the shore. And yeah, you were a bit coy with the descrpitions, but you seem to like doing that. You like to make us work for it. Excersises me brain muscles. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 15:02 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Shryke, Candidate

Sorry bro, but it's nothing like that. Spoilers ahead. * * * * * * * * * Inchoroi = Aliens Heron Spear = "Weapon of Light" that the Non-men took from the Inchoroi King after killing him in the first major Inchoroi-Nonmen engagement No-God = no bloody clue view post

posted 22 Feb 2006, 19:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Meeting between Kellhus & Moenghus? by Shryke, Candidate

That's actually the best description of what happens at that meeting I've heard yet. Don't forget, he also had to kill Moengus because Moengus was still, at heart, a Dunyian. And Kellhus saw that inevitably, the purposes of the Dunyain would have to match the purposes of the Consult (sealing this world from the Outside). The Outside is a variable thatr cannot be controlled, so to the Dunyain, it must be isolated. So why doesn't Kellhus want this too? Because, as he says at the end, he's become MORE then Dunyain, or at least he thinks he has. He's seeing visions, and seeing halos around his hands. Something that all his Dunyian training cannot predict is happening to him. He believes he's become the prophisied savior of the world I think. Thus, the Dunyain are now his enemies. view post

The most important question about the Skin-Spy with a soul posted 22 Feb 2006, 19:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe most important question about the Skin-Spy with a soul by Shryke, Candidate

Well there is alot of debate going on about how/why/where/etc involving the skin-spy with a soul I think we're missing the most important, and one of the most interesting questions: Why is it even in the book? I mean, that whole section could easily have been removed and the story, in my mind, would have lost none of it's internal logic. It doesn't seem to add anything needed for the PoN trilogy. So, this has me wondering, why is it in there at all? I have the feeling that this may become crucial to some later part of the whole story. It seems to me to be more of a set up for something coming in the future. My present theory is it will have something to do with our understanding of the No-God. It seems to exert complete control over the souless creations of the Inchoroi. It also seems to somehow fundamentaly lack some sort of self understanding. It's continually asking others to tell them what it is, what they see. Could self awareness and personal identity be somehow linked to having a soul? The normal skin-spies seem to possess no identity other then what they steal from others. Just a few thoughts I thought might be worth mulling over. view post

posted 24 Feb 2006, 19:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe most important question about the Skin-Spy with a soul by Shryke, Candidate

I never said I didn't like it (I thought it was cool and completely unexpected) or that it conflicted with the book (which it didn't). I said it didn't really NEED to be there. So the question is WHY did Scott include that scene? I think he's setting up for an important plotline somewhere in the future. I figured we could use a thread to ask the question: What's the purpose of that scene? What's it hinting at/leading to? view post

posted 13 Mar 2006, 09:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae - Weapons of the Tekne? by Shryke, Candidate

it was explained by Scott on the Q&A forums ages back (pre TWP actually) but it basically goes like this. Nonmen sorcerors discover/invent a new form of sorcery called the Aporos. It's based on using the paradoxes inherent in languages and description to unravel sorcery. It's considered too dangerous to be researched and the Aporotic (think that's the right word) are banned from using it. This is because nonmen technology IS sorcery, and this branch of it is a threat to everything their society is built on. Then, after the Womb Plague, when the nonmen attack the inchoroi, we find out that the Inchoroi had contacted those Aporotic sorcerours and given them a place to study and refine their craft. The result is the Chorae. The Inchoroi used these to withstand and counteract the nonmen Qura, who had devistated them the first time they'd fought. The Inchoroi then, I believe, after their eventual defeat, gave many of these to men to help them wipe out the last of the nonmen. Oh, and FYI, if you didn't get it already, these have NOTHING to do with the Tekne. Chorae are, funnily enough, sorcerous artifacts. view post

posted 21 Jul 2006, 22:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by Shryke, Candidate

[quote:ir5znx77] [quote:ir5znx77] Entropic_existence 3)The Skin-Spy with a soul was described as an aberation. As Scott has said before only Humans, The Inchoroi, and the Non-men are inherently souled but sometimes, through circumstance, creatures without souls can "Awaken". Something like this happened with that Skin-Spy who infiltrated the Mandate. Luckily the Consult never could duplicate it. [/quote:ir5znx77] Interesting that the aberation just happened to have a soul powerful/old/aware (whatever the criteria actually are) enough to wield sorcery.[/quote:ir5znx77] Just thought I'd point out that this is a HUGE misunderstanding floating around this board. Scott was NOT reffering to just random creatures "Awakening" when he made that remark. It's not like a deer running through the forest has a chance to suddenly, randomly gain a soul. What he was reffering to at the time was that Non-men and Men both had souls and that this was just something that happened to certain species. As they evolved and went about there buisness of living, some species eventually "Awakened" and gained souls. It was in reference to a SPECIES becoming souled, not to a random creature suddenly gaining one. I'll try and dig up the post so you can see for yourselves. Just thought I'd point that out since I see it quoted EVERYWHERE on this board. view post


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