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posted 22 Nov 2006, 22:11 in Philosophy DiscussionRight thing to do? by Raz, Commoner

Looking at it from an unbiased view, cigarettes have no real benefit except satisfying a physical addiction, which is only seen as a benefit by the smoker. So spending money to purchase things which have ill long term effects with no feasible purpose beyond addicting you... and they're not even for you to become addicted to.. then no lol. I would tell him to get a job and stop being a mooch. If a hobo asks for money so he can buy food and you give him the money, then you see him drinking liquor 10 minutes later, wouldn't you be angry? It doesn't make sense to condone either of them. The only difference is that the kid is asking you straight out for the cigarettes. You may have morals but from his end he's just using you. I wouldn't buy him the cigarettes if he looked like he really needed it though, because he'll always crave them despite his state of mind. view post

PoN game musing? posted 23 Nov 2006, 23:11 in Off-Topic DiscussionPoN game musing? by Raz, Commoner

Whats your opinion on the possibility of a game/s being made on the PoN trilogy? Personally I think it would make an awesome oblivion style game. Thoughts? :) view post

posted 29 Nov 2007, 16:11 in Philosophy DiscussionFree Will by Raz, Commoner

Well all decisions depend on predetermined circumstances, so theres no way to rationally differentiate between the ideas of free and controlled will. If all our decisions are just results from all the factors involved and the role played by human thought, then one could say that free will is just an abstract concept, and to question the validity of free will is to assume that the 'will' is in a state where it can be free or essentially controlled, or that there is even a will to be [i:n9sgm7y9]free[/i:n9sgm7y9]. If someone is limited to subjective thought however, I guess they could judge the will of someone else being imposed on him or her as an infringement of their own will, but theres nothing to suggest they have ever been forced to make a decision; no one can be forced to make a choice, because they fact the choice is made makes it [i:n9sgm7y9]free[/i:n9sgm7y9], and all else just became a factor in its making. view post

posted 29 Nov 2007, 17:11 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat happens when your soul leaves your body? by Raz, Commoner

I'll live forever or die trying! lol. view post

Truth and Context? posted 01 Dec 2007, 07:12 in Author Q & ATruth and Context? by Raz, Commoner

Hi, I'm doing an essay for my philosophy class entitled The Ten Greatest Deficiencies of Man and I drew a lot of my ideas from The Prince of Nothing series. I read on your website bio that you were in the process of finishing Truth and Contect some time ago, and I was wondering if that was ever finished and if there is somewhere it may be purchased or read so that I can gain more insight? I'll keep an eye on this topic in the forum and my e-mail address is Thank you view post


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