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Not out of the woods yet posted 10 Mar 2008, 06:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by ceti, Commoner

I agree that Akka is the moral foundation of the books. Kellhus has become something more, a prophet that cannot heal but can manipulate and destroy, so perhaps the inverse of Inri Sejenus. He may even be the literal harbinger, the No-God himself. This was always my feeling as a final twist for the end, as the entire progress of the Holy War was marked by extreme bloodshed that thinned the ranks of both the Inrithi and Fanim (and thus counterproductive if he was destined to rally humanity against the No-God and the rapidly multiplying Sranc). Since Akka writes the compendium on the first holy war, we know he survives till the end of the first trilogy, and perhaps like Seswatha, beyond the second apocalypse. However, at the beginning of chapter 14, we see Akka unable to write certain details for fear of summary execution. That indicates he is writing before the apocalypse, perhaps as the Three Seas becomes a police state of sorts under its dictatorial Aspect-Emperor. Echoes of [url=]Dune Messiah[/url:11yipir7]? view post

Nausicaa? posted 10 Mar 2008, 07:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs No-God an Apache Attack Helicopter? by ceti, Commoner

The No-God concept reminded me of the God Soldiers of [url=]Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind[/url:35t9tziq]. view post

Radioactive? posted 10 Mar 2008, 07:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by ceti, Commoner

Is the No-God radioactive or are the after effects of the Heron Spear radioactive? I'm thinking this as field of Mengedda where the No-God died makes men sick (although it also gives them nightmares). view post

posted 10 Mar 2008, 07:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Aspect Emperor, Inrithism, Fanimry, and the Schools by ceti, Commoner

I think the following quote actually may signal that Akka will go South to the remaining Fanim lands. I don't think Fanimry is finished by any means, as Kellhus road Inrithism to victory over the Fanim in a very brutal way. There will probably be pockets of resistance in the desert. [quote:9m3b2ph2]"He knelt at its edge to study the reflection of his face. he saw that Two Scimitars had been drawn in soot or lampblack across his forehead - the work of the caregivers, he supposed. A charm or blessing of some sort. [/quote:9m3b2ph2] It's also interesting as we haven't seen much of the story told from the Fanim point of the view. The Inrithi are almost universally morally repugnant. Even their prayer is a militaristic twist of the Lord's Prayer. I cannot reconcile the savagery unleashed during the course of the Holy War, with Kellhus eventually playing the role of the saviour. He is too amoral and cares little for human life. In fact, that he cannot heal should give an indication of what kind of prophet he is. view post

posted 10 Mar 2008, 07:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by ceti, Commoner

Kellhus is definitely inscrutable which makes him much scarier given his new awesome power. All the major characters are human (even if almost all of them are obscene or depraved). As Aspect Emperor he will rule with an iron fist, with Esmi at his side running the secret police. I think the dream gone wrong is a major indication that Kellhus will be both saviour and harbinger of the apocalypse. I can't see him being a heroic saviour, but only as having a much more complex role. He may even be able to crack the secrets of the Inchoroi and seize their technology. He will also be able to parly with the No-God. Akka will be witness to all this. It will be hard for him to help this God Emperor. In fact, as Seswatha, he alone will bear the burden of knowing the truth of all sides. view post

posted 10 Mar 2008, 08:03 in The Darkness That Comes Beforesranc by ceti, Commoner

They are pretty scary as they don't fit the stereotype. The description reminds me of the evil spirit in Japanese film the Grudge. Very pale and moves like an animal but very fast. Kind of like the possessed girl from the Exorcist. They are perhaps the most vile creatures ever described in fantasy as they are supposedly beautiful, but rape and eat humans. That they dominate the entire north is pretty scary. What kind of world is this? And the Humans are busy slaughtering each other? view post

Fanimry Survives? posted 11 Mar 2008, 07:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFanimry Survives? by ceti, Commoner

It looks like the entire Three Seas have been seduced by the new Aspect Emperor. However, Western Kian has not yet been conquered even though its armies have been destroyed. Will the Fanim survive? I think they may be uniquely invulnerable to Kellhus' seductions which is one reason he had no qualms destroying them. It would be interesting too if Akka went West into the desert away from the blood soaked empire that Kellhus had just forged. view post

posted 11 Mar 2008, 07:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs Kellus the No-God? End of TTT and being in the whirlwind. by ceti, Commoner

Up until this point Kellhus has gone from victory to victory, never looking back. He may continue this streak in the next series, coming to control the very destinies of men and thus enslaving all. It may be we readers are being stoked for his comeuppance by all the sheep in the story. view post


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