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posted 25 Feb 2008, 11:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat drove Kellhus mad? by trigger, Commoner

This whole madness/truth point is really what drove me nuts about the ending. Is he mad at all, or is he really a prophet? I wanted so badly at the end for it all to be true, and for everyone to see the truth. I wanted Achamian not to be angry, to understand, that even in his understanding of Kellhus' lies, he was wrong. That though they were lies, they serve the same purpose as his true motivation. And does that mean that everyone else, deluded as they are, trapped as they are by Kellhus' deception, they know the truth, they are closer to the truth than Achamian? Because it seems clear that, even if he is no prophet, he IS the one to stave off the second apocalypse. So even if he is mad, he's still carrying out the Thousandfold Thought and saving the world, as his father wished. He's just going about it in a slightly less Dunyain way. It's clear he's become far less (or far more than, if you take it his way) a Dunyain. There's his belief in his prophet status, the halos around his hands (which he is not alone in seeing.. strange). And I there are hints, I believe, that he is coming to feel something for Esmenet more than just as a baby-making tool. His father calls this madness because it is not Dunyain. I'd call it simply more human. So maybe madness is not the correct term? Wow. That was more questions than possible answers. Just finished the book, so I am all kinds of hyped about it. I do like Harrol's thought. It seems a central idea of the books, the overlap of faith and reality; madness and sanity; truth and lies. view post


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