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Akka needs a hug. posted 09 Nov 2006, 02:11 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by Fruitbat, Commoner

Hello... this is my first so be gentle... :roll: I think Achamian the moral marker of the books. By this I mean that in a world full of near-gods, kings and the Dunyain Akka is the only character that I could really understand the motavations of. (ok... Esmi too.. but thats another chunk of a topic). At the end of TTT I don't think his leaving the Aspect Emperor's court represents a turn to powers that would seek to distroy the world. It seemed more like a man who finally really SAW what was happening and facing it. He's not running away from his future anymore, he's limping off to meet it. view post

Can I elect a banana to congress? posted 12 Nov 2006, 02:11 in Philosophy DiscussionWill anything change? by Fruitbat, Commoner

:roll: Hello. I'm a good junior camper and I vote in every election. I look at the issues... decide who will annoy me less and cast a ballot. Do I think it will make a difference? Nope. Not really. I think the party system is kind of a joke because by the time anybody reaches a certian level of power they are basically the same. Thats all. Oh... and cus someone is likely to ask... I'm a registered independant. The reason being I get less junk mail durring election time. 8) view post

hum.... posted 12 Nov 2006, 02:11 in Philosophy DiscussionRight thing to do? by Fruitbat, Commoner

I don't smoke, but most of my friends did or do... I don't think any of them would by the little rug-rat a pack due to the cost, but I'm sure they might offer him a smoke. I guess it just depends on your mood. :wink: view post

Good point... posted 15 Nov 2006, 02:11 in Philosophy DiscussionWill anything change? by Fruitbat, Commoner

Thats a good point. I think many people freak out when they hear "socialized" anything. I work in the medical field... and before I did I was very afraid of socialized medicine. It was just that creepy thing they do in Canada. Now, after seeing how insurance companies, lawyers and money run everything I thinking of buying a maple leaf! :wink: view post

RIP Govt. Pet Rock. posted 16 Nov 2006, 04:11 in Philosophy DiscussionWill anything change? by Fruitbat, Commoner

:( I'm sure that the govt. would kill the pet rock. But hey... then country singers would have another national tragedy to write about... (all together guys... with twang....) "Man... where were you when the Pet Rock corked off... Where were you when he went to that lonley Garden in the sky..." ugg. view post

I'm with Harrol posted 16 Nov 2006, 04:11 in Philosophy DiscussionWho will be President in 2008 by Fruitbat, Commoner

:roll: Little Finger in '08! Hey, I know he can't run cus' he's not real, but I don't think that makes him a worse choice than any one else who is being discussed. Maybe Cookie Monster can be VP. view post


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