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posted 13 Sep 2004, 01:09 in Philosophy DiscussionBattleground God by hattper, Commoner

Alright, after reading the previous posts a bit more carefully I think I understand what you're saying. Something like this: The scientific answers to questions about morality and values are that they are "functional deceptions". This means that there really are no values and that all moral "oughts" are empty. (I'm not sure what the word I'm looking for here is, that they aren't prescriptive maybe?) Further, if all oughts are empty in this sense we have no reason to see them as action guiding, that is, we might aswell all become amoralists, it would make no difference. (Is this anywhere near what you mean by nihilism?). Then you say that [quote:7r542y0c] no institution seems capable of posing answers that even remotely possess the theoretical virtues of scientific truth-claims [/quote:7r542y0c] and, if I understand you correctly, take this to imply that we are more or less forced to accept science nihilistic conclusion. The reason I don't agree with this is that science, as a purely descriptive dicipline, cannot make the move from 'is' to 'ought' without some explanation which, I think, cannot be developed by a/the scientific method. It will be a philosophical explanaition and thus we are no longer dealing with science but philosophy. Once this move is made, the priviliged position this theory had since it was science is weakend, if not lost, and it is open to the same criticism like any other naturalistic theory. There are some other points I'd make about your argument, as I've reconstructed it, but since I'm a bit unsure how accurate it is I'll just post this and hold my thumbs that I make any sense at all :-). view post

posted 13 Sep 2004, 01:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by hattper, Commoner

Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Perpetuum Mobile Just gotta love a band that uses stuff normally found in a garage a cellar and an attic and makes it sound good too. view post


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