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posted 17 Feb 2004, 18:02 in Author Q & AOther authors you enjoy by Kellais, Commoner

@ Cu'jara - Your last post is just brilliant :lol: I really had to lmao! You're soooo right!! Personally I don't give a damn about the "official" critics. Come on, they [b:d9j0vp7b]have[/b:d9j0vp7b] to find something to criticize. Or else they wouldn't have a job, right :wink: I inform myself via amazon for example. They have a topic "customers who bought this book bought also..." Normally you can't go wrong with that. And then there are such places like this here! A Lot of good recommendations...I wouldn't have heard about your book if I haven't read SE's latest interview at that time....but back to the topic of your last post... :wink: If you had left out all the "showing a woman in bla bla situation" then you would have probably got a bashing from a male reviewer saying that "Mr. Bakker seems to be a feminist himself". I think you get my meaning :wink: If it's worth something, I REALLY love your writing...keep it up that way and you will have found a permanent reader... Have to go... Kellais view post

posted 09 Mar 2004, 00:03 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by Kellais, Commoner

Hi Wil Yes, GotM IS the first book. Followed by Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice, House of Chains and, released this march, Midnight Tides. And yes, you will get more explanations but all so slowly. But that is fun IMO. Steven Erikson teases us with a lot of glimpses and then leaves us dangling....i like that (as long as it will be explained somewhere!). So my advice is, keep on reading... :wink: Kellais P.S.: Was that spoiler-less enough? *lol* view post

posted 13 Mar 2004, 12:03 in Writing TipsWorld-building by Kellais, Commoner

First off, thanks guys for doing this! Concerning maps: I really love maps. I draw a lot of maps and if I do, I draw it with my own hands. There is at least one decent tool to draw maps IMO. The tool's name is Campaign Cartographer and is from ProFantasy software. For a look, go to this adress . On laws of geography: If you want to make a map based on real geographical influences that is much more work and is connected to a lot of research... What I DO look for is that at least the climatic-zones are not too ridiculously set. I don't want to have rainforest and 2 miles to the east a huge desert, that just doesn't make sense IMO. Ok, that's it for now... Kellais view post

posted 09 Apr 2004, 23:04 in Writing TipsGetting the words down. by Kellais, Commoner

Hey Sovin Nai Why don't you show us something of your writing and/or of your world-building (documents, maps etc.) . I'd really like to see some of it... Kellais view post

Intro Chapter for a work in progress ... posted 02 May 2004, 21:05 in Member Written WorksIntro Chapter for a work in progress ... by Kellais, Commoner

Hi all As the one who suggested having a writer's forum, I think it is time to post my stuff too :wink: It is quite long but I hope you'll read it anyway...and all feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks Kellais view post

posted 06 Jun 2007, 12:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker by Kellais, Commoner

Hi Long time user, seldom poster ^^ I am wondering too, is Scott still visiting this forum? I sent him a pm some days ago and as i have no alternative way of contacting him, this is an important question for me. Thanks in advance Kellais view post

posted 07 Jun 2007, 18:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker by Kellais, Commoner

Thanks Harrol. I kind of hope that too :wink: I have kind of a business idea. Might be worth it 8) :) view post

A P&P RPG for would you do it? posted 30 May 2009, 10:05 in General DiscusssionA P&P RPG for would you do it? by Kellais, Commoner

I am an enthusiastic roleplayer and i think the world of Earwa would be an interesting place to set a game in (obivously, as it was an rpg setting for Scott's own sessions in the beginning). So how would you do it? More precisely: what rules would you use (systems you think would fit)? Would you allow players to be sorcerers, nonman? In which time-period of Earwa would you set your game in? Feel free to talk about everything that comes to your mind in regards to a PoN RPG. Atm i think i would give the rules from Greg Stolze's Reign (ORE) a try for this. The players i would restrict to humans, no nonmen. A sorcerer is very powerful, so i'm not sure if it would be a good idea to allow players to take on that role. If at all, i think the player would have to be a mandate-schoolman...that generates interesting plot-hooks (Seswatha and the dreams). As for the time-period...i think setting it right before the events of PoN would be interesting. Or in the time-span between PoN and AE. A game during the first apocalypse would also be intriguing but we do not have a lot of information on it, so the GM would have to fill a lot of holes by himself. view post


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