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posted 07 Oct 2006, 00:10 in Interviews and ReviewsR.A. Salvatore mentions Scott in passing by Moebius, Commoner

Salvatore reads like a poor man's of David Gemmel. The writing itself is mediocre, but what annoys me is how predictable and cliched his characters and plots are. I am as big a fan of action packed stories as anyone, but I feel like Salvatore never really fully develop his characters (at least in his Drizzt books, the only ones I've read because of word of mouth). When you combine half-baked characters with a sub-standard plot, albeit with a large dose of random action thrown in, what you get is the literary equivalent of a brainless summer action blockbuster. One thing I will say though, is that his characters ARE likable. I like the archetypes that they represent, despite the fact that they may be camp or cliched. And while I dont intend on BUYING any of his books ever, I would borrow them from the library from time to time. They're easy and fast reading, and for me its like the guilty pleasure of watching shows like, say, the OC. view post

Wraeththu posted 18 Oct 2006, 06:10 in ReviewsWraeththu of Storm Constantine by Moebius, Commoner

I borrowed this book from one of my college roommates. And frankly the entire novel reads like a gay porn/fantasy. The basic plot is that in a post-apocalyptic world, Earth is ruled by male/hermaphrodite meta-humans named Wraeththus. These Wraeththus also happen to have the ability to convert normal human males into fellow Wraeththus, which thematically is very much like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (which incidentally is also filled with supernatural homoeroticism). The fact that all the characters in Wraeththu are essentially very good looking and super-powered gay men doesn't bother me. But it seems like the lives of these Wraeththus are dominated entire by sex. Virtually all the drama in the novel invovles one main character having sex, wanting to have sex, or jealous that someone is having sex with another main character. All in all I'd have to say the book is merely mildly interesting, with a few cool characters and a mediocre plot. view post

posted 23 Oct 2006, 07:10 in The Warrior ProphetEsmet's betrayl, Bakker's massogeny, and a criticism by Moebius, Commoner

Yeah strong and liberated women existed in the old days, but they were the exception rather than the rule, even in the cultures you named. Although to be fair, there were probably MANY strong and powerful women back then whose influences were behind the scenes and forgotten or neglected by history. In general I would have to say the more violent and turbulent the time period, the less likely the existence of dominant female figures. view post

posted 23 Oct 2006, 08:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Moebius, Commoner

The term "gay" is a loaded word in modern society. If we're talking strictly about whether Cnauir had sexual relations with men, the answer is probably affrimative (at least with Moen). At the very least I would say he's bisexual. As for whether Cnauir's feelings toward Proyas being paternal or sexual, it very well could be a mix of both. Although I would say the attraction isn't so much sexual as it is empathic and emotional. As I go through the books I didn't really get the feeling the Cnauir actually wants to BONE Proyas as he wants to be friends or companions with Proyas. view post

posted 17 May 2007, 11:05 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Breaker of Horses and Men by Moebius, Commoner

I really like Cnauir, but he is much too confused about who he is and what he wants for him to be my favorite. I mean I guess the fact that the guy is completely insane has something to do with it, but even when he is normal or as a young man he seemed completely clueless about who he really is. view post

posted 17 May 2007, 11:05 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour less favourite characters by Moebius, Commoner

I dislike Xerius the most for being such a complete fool. Istriya is a bitch, but at least she's good at being a bitch. I can't say I like Esmi either. In fact there really is not one single female character that I actually like in the series, although to be fair as far as I can remember there is only like 3 of them. Conphas was actually a lot of fun to read I thought, and Proyas seem like a genuinely nice guy. Personally though I am most interested in reading about Maithanet. view post

posted 29 Jun 2007, 20:06 in Literature DiscussionWhy read fantasy? by Moebius, Commoner

I actually started reading fantasy because as a child I was heavily into mythology -- Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese mostly, with stories about the Trojan War being my personal favorite. I loved heros with swords being sent on quests for one thing or another while slaying or out-witting monsters left and right. From that point on it was a natural transition. view post


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