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The Title posted 08 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I agree with The Thousandfold Thought, because if you recall there are numerous times in Warrior-Prophet that Kellhus is talking to himself (directed towards his father) in his mind that he refers to The Thousandfold Thought, what it is and if he has obtained it. Therefore in my opinion, of the two choices, clearly the better title. view post

Kellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion posted 08 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

For myself with Characters and relations I was stuck.

Akka - Can be easily related to, has that low self confidence factor that plays a huge part of us getting to like him, then when he escapes and Seswatha has kind of takne over him per say, I think he becomes such a stronger character when he reaches towards his potentials. He losses emotion towards Zin, towards Caring about Proyas, he just wants to see Esmi, which inevitably leads to more pain, worse then the torture by the Scarlet Spires, so I am hoping this leads to a showdown between him and Kellhus, cuz I ahve got my money on Akka.

Proyas - Who could forget about lovable Proyas....uhh..yah. He was always my favorite Character because he SEEMS like he is suffering so much inwardly that he is a religous zealot on the out. We know who truly cares for Akka and Zin as is seen when he sees Zin again and he sees Esmi in bed with Kellhus. It is unfortunate however that due to his standing he cares more about his appearance in his religion that his friend, We must remember Akka has never once, ever, remarked about Inri Sejenus, yet Proyas constantly harasses Akka on being a socerer. To me that was a test of their friendship, although Proyas asked for forgiveness for being a fool ( as he finally comes to realize how blinded he has been) Akka rightfully declines to forgive but it can be seen that their bond has grown, which will play an important role in times to come Im thinking. Proyas seems to go through that Needs to be Accepted phase, where he needs to be accepted by Akka as a student, then find his faith and needs to be accepted (and the best I might add) in his faith. I think Zin losing his eyes and Akka surviving truly help open Proyass eyes to his true friends and his true self. Which is why I like him so much.

Zin - Zin was always my second favorite character because I could relate myself to him so much, and his resemblances to Proyas. After his tortue however, I can only feel pity for this shell of a once great man when I read about him. It is unfortunate, because the character he was was such a strong character.

Martemus - Ièll miss him and his practical ways. I really liked him and the way he was divided by what he thought was his faith (really seduced by Kellhuss words) and his commander (Conphas). This is truly seen when he says he would die to defence the concubine (The Nansur Standard, bue to Habit) but is then found hovering over Conphas waiting to kill him. Unfortunately however he is kiulled, which really sucked because he wa s agreat character.

Just my two cents. view post

It's Finally Here! posted 08 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetIt's Finally Here! by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I think im the saddest one hear, I just bought The Darkness That Comes Before perhaps in the middle of July, finished it in a week, bought Warrior-Prophet a week later, finished it in four days, it is now the 8th of august and I am done The Darkness That Comes Before...Again... oh yah, Ièm new haaha view post

Online RPG? posted 08 August 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionOnline RPG? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

that would be flippin' awesome. Even if you were able to copy liek the game engine/designs from an already existed game. You know like something like, take character desgin and engine from maybe say "Ragnarok Online" and then create story (linear/non linear" and use sprites to play and so forth,. create maps. Who knows, just text based would not due somehting like this justice. view post

Best character posted 09 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I guess I'm going to have to go against everyone here and say my favorite character is Nersei Proyas.

Here's why -

Proyas, to me, seems to be that kid who is so consumed with needing to fit his role that he refuses to accept his lifelong friends, merely because they don't conform to what he thinks he has to be like (i.e. he religious devotion and Akka..clearly not so much). He just seemed to have this air about him when I read that I found really intruiging. He fights with himself so much, on one hand he hates Akka for being a sorcerer, but he loves him because he was his tutor and his close friend. Unfortunately in The Darkness, Proyas is not 100% able to overcome this gap, which makes you wait to see if he can bridge it. I just like seeing a character grow and develop and become worldly from a closed mind, I just really like him.. plus he has that whole "Mess with me and I'll kick your ass" attitude, gotta love it. view post

Kellhus the God posted 09 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus the God by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Hmm, but as you recall, Esmi and Serwe really liked Kellhus in bed, but also the Consult....and the plot thickens... view post

My thoughts on TWP posted 09 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetMy thoughts on TWP by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Wow, and to think, I never even got that at all!!!. See i was picture the synthese as yah a consult buddy who had taken that form to better watch and observe the holy war (I got that), but i just did not clue into the fact that it was his brother, the other last Inchoroi, in the North who was trying to get answers from Aeangelas.

Looks like im re reading view post

About the books posted 09 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetAbout the books by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Hey Bryan.

It really is good to hear of siblings backing their brother, especially when you have such high hopes for him, as we already know his books are going to be huge.

And yes Scott did make socerers cool again, especially in the end of TWP when Akka is crazy, but he also expressed the awesomeness of Horsemen as seen in the Coryinians (sp? i think thats it...Proyas' group), and the sheer power of Gotian and his non-corrupt Shrial Knights, those guys are pretty beastin' view post

Great News - and please post what work you are all doing. posted 09 August 2004 in Writing TipsGreat News - and please post what work you are all doing. by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

okay my books currently are -

Book 1: Unholy Reign (its about the US invading Canada, fromt he viewpoint of a small resistance based around where i live, currently 5 chapters about 43 pages hand written, just meant to be a short thing)

Book 2: The Faltering (set in medieval times, based around basic fantasy elements but the main philosophical point is the fallability of humanity and the mistake we make and their effects on our lives.

The main Characters name is - Arandeh Du Gaianor (which in the old language of the book means Lord of the Earth) but he is living as an outsider but he doesn't know of his lineage, because he's been living with this old retired Knight who has been teaching him Ancient Swordsmanship. There is a rebellion in the kingdom between the army (upper and lower) and Arandeh joins the Upper Class as a mercenary, but sees the plight of the lower class and he starts questioning. And he mets his best friend (Luc Alavares) who is a sort of Archer/Hunter dealy, anyways ill post more as i get farther in, thats a brief overlook of the start of the book. view post

Format? posted 10 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Text based just would not do this justice

i dunno maybe get a visual engine form somewhere,
ahve different classes,

like Chosen - Sorcerer (advance)
Footman - Shrial Knight

Visuals would be percect for a game of this sort, however it would take far more effort..but far more rewarding them text. view post

Fight! Fight! Fight! posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & AFight! Fight! Fight! by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I must say Mr. Bakker, that I've read a lot of works, with battle scenes, and to be brutally honest...everything pales in comparrison to your style.

The way that in the end of WP when the the men of the Tusk are mere skeletons, yet rout the Kianene merely with their fanatisicm....(and need to eat), it was just incredible. Truly, I salute you. I was beginning to wonder if fantasy novels would ever appeal to me again, then I found your works, and BAAAAMMMM I didn't put them down.

Ahh the way Akka blasted those Scarlets in the Library, or even the little doll killing that cat...oh it was intense! view post

Do You Play Any MMRPG's? posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & ADo You Play Any MMRPG's? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

morphine indeed.

Gah my computer broke and i freaked cuz i had to download and get Ragnarok Online all over again...and im not even the slightest of a computer geek, i think i broke the computer by doing somethign haha, but im like punk/jock, which is about the wierdest comobnation ever, through in bookworm to that also, cuz im always reading and writing, man im wierd view post

What do you listen to? posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & AWhat do you listen to? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

all good music, cept zepplin (sorry, just cant stand the music), but I'm a punk guy, like old school stuff, Misfits, Circles Jerks, Dead Kennedy's, The Ramones, The Clash, Bad Religion (awesomest band ever, went to see them at the warped tour) Pennywise, im mainly into like social/political punk

just as long as its not good charlotte or blink 182 ...gag me with a spoon. view post

The appearance of the Sranc? posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & AThe appearance of the Sranc? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

excellent, cuz the image i formed of the Sranc is like this wierd human/wolf micture, more human then werewolf, but still, very animalistic in insticnt and manner.

ahhh I just love the way you write, everything comes in time, ( its just the time in between everything falling together that is the killer) view post

Format? posted 10 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

exactly, modify to suit the story, maybe scott would help with what character design would look like, he would have the best idea of course

my avatar is a piture of my Knight from Ragnarok Online, although he loks different now, brown hair and bronw and gold armour, but still, something like that, but again text would just in now way do justice to PoN at all view post

Chapters? posted 10 August 2004 in Tour and Signing InformationChapters? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

hmm lousy everyone and their big cities.. Right now I live in Quispamsis, a little suburb of Saint John, all we ahve is a Coles, in Saint John, yet, after the 14th of August I'm living in Fredericton and we ahve a pretty decent Chapters there... *hint hint* know you wanna come and say hi......maybe hahaha view post

Scott's To Do List posted 10 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtScott's To Do List by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

damn hobbitsssss and their hairy feetssss...although it was cool when he hit him with a rock....oh much fun... i mean...yah about that book...take all the time in the world (just make it snappy) hahaha i cant wait! view post

Fight! Fight! Fight! posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & AFight! Fight! Fight! by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

This is true, it is doubtful they would appeal to everyone, I'm just saying they way that you wrote the scense, heck even your entire books, I couldn't help but place myself as one of the characters, happy and disappointed at my actions, or during the times when i wasnt there (For some reason I made myself Proyas, favortie character) anyways, when i wasn't int he scene i just envisioned myself near by, always abel to hear and see what was going, the way things were written, it was as if, no matter what you were right there at the fire with Akka, Zin, Esmi, Serwe, Dinch, and Kellhus, on the field with the men of iron, inside the starvation at Caraskand, wandering through the steppes with Cnauir and Kellhus, truly incredible. view post

Language posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & ALanguage by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

all this talk about this encyclopedia means one thing

I can't wait for "The Thousandfold Thought" whether the encyclopedia is seperate or attached, with 1 comes the other in a sense!! view post

How were you introduced to fantasy? posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & AHow were you introduced to fantasy? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Nueropath you say??? and the plot thickens...
hopefully one day I may just be strolling along some bookstore and chance upon finding on the book shelves, and I'll think to myself "A thrille eh? From Bakker you say? Sounds interesting, we'll just give it a look see." and it will go from there...hahaha, useless ramble. I'm sure if it gets published and all it will be awesome. view post

Is the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? posted 10 August 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionIs the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I'm intrigued, do explain. view post

What area of writing are you good at? posted 11 August 2004 in Writing TipsWhat area of writing are you good at? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I'm good at people and environment, but worlds and stuff im not so strong. view post

Quotes posted 11 August 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionQuotes by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

"Everybody falls down, that's life, it's how fast you get back up that counts."


"Drive it through, because backing up now would be next to impossible"

and from..

Bad Religion - All There Is "There's space for a paper airplane race in the eye of a hurricane, and if pigs could fly then surely so could I, but this pedestrian knows better then to even try, and my divinity is caught between the colours of a butterfly." view post

First Word that Comes to Mind posted 11 August 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

Thre Ninjas Kick Back ( know its more then one word, but its the first thing that came to mind) view post

Format? posted 11 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

this is very true
but really..

you move one space north and are attacked by a are killed.

ehhh.......yah....text has sever limitations (just my opinion) I wish others would stop by ands through in their two cents (which now costs you a nickel, due to inflation) view post

On The Warrior Prophet posted 11 August 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionOn The Warrior Prophet by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

sooo much reading,
so let me get this straight, TTT is slated to be done (complete or rough/first run through) by September 30th? view post

Human Hunger posted 11 August 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionHuman Hunger by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

This is just going to be a "rolls eyes" thread I'm thinking, but I would like to hear everyones opinions on this.

Humanity is never content with what it is given, so thus our need for more and more, complexity after complexity is born until, we crave for less. For the simple, the plain, because we have crowded our lives with useless complexities that consume at monstrous rates what the Earth cannot reproduce at the same staggering rate, all the while still inwardly wanting more to prove our prowess, our power, our wealth. We say we want to save the world, to help it, to live better, but yesterday I saw a hippy driving an SUV....I mean really if you ahve "Peace on Earth" and "Strive for a Green Planet" bumperstickers on your vehicle, it should not be an SUV!!! In a rather unfortunate turns of events however there is no more to take, only so much can be offered from this world and from mankind itself and once that is gone, what will our hunger for greater, more powerful, more complex tangibles turn to? view post

Human Hunger posted 11 August 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionHuman Hunger by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

agreed upon, ahhh why cant we be robots??...hmmm...but even in simplicity, if we overuse this, we are stuck with the same problem, even more, smaller, yet amounting to large heaps of useless complexities....GAH why???

I mean a Hippy in an SUV, he even had the long scraggily hair, the unkempt look, the tye-dye shirt, a hair band and a peace sign necklace...GAH!!!! an SUV!!! view post

Human Hunger posted 11 August 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionHuman Hunger by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

yes, hopefully view post

Format? posted 11 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I agree that a D&D type text would be fun, but it would require imagination between DM's and players and the game itself. Yes, graphics engines do limit gameplay, or rather limit complexity and CAN limit roleplayability..

(I'm on a Ragnarok Online Kick) But take RO as an example, that game is based in a world, where it is non-linear, you can creat guilds, and parties for massive player interaction, there are quests to learn sub-skills (skills not included in the general player skill sets per class) which creates awesome hours of play just to get those, there are PvP tournaments (player versus player) like gladiatorial combat, its just massive funn ( i like spelling fun with two n' wierd)

I agree I would be interested in helping with either I suppose. but first and foremost, a name.

Like "Earwa Online" or "The Three Seas" or something view post


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