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Just finished Thousandfold Thought posted 05 Dec 2007, 14:12 in The Thousandfold ThoughtJust finished Thousandfold Thought by JGoose, Commoner

Ok guys, I just finished the Thousandfold Thought...left me kind of bummed but I have a few questions of my own to ask cause thats what happens after reading this awesome book with so many back stories etc. 1. Can someone explain the Thousandfold Thought to me in dumbed down terms? I read the books and I got the general gist of the Dunyain way of life etc but the Thousandfold Thought still illudes me. 2. I got the idea that Kellhus brought about the "Apocalypse" with the end of the old ways and the beginning of the new ways under the new Aspect-Emperor Kellhus. But with all of this...where does the Consult and the No-God fit in? I understand Kellhus's apocalypse is a metaphorical apocalypse but I was expecting a big showdown between Achiamian and Kellhus vs. the No-God...was anybody else? 3. What happened to my deranged buddy Cnaiur? I read that he killed with his ultimate deed done? Where does he go now? What about him and Kellhus? 4.What do you think the old man said to Kellhus that Kellhus had to immediately kill him for after? 5. Was Maithanent and Moenghus in it together all along to set up Kellhus as the Aspect Emperor? Was the plan to establish one kingdom...Moengus said something to the likes of with Inrithi and Fane the Thousandfold Thought or the Dunyain cant exist or something like that... Sorry my questions may seem duh questions but there was a lot that illuded me after reading these books, so indepth and complicated...more than my normal reading but I loved every minute of it. view post

The terms Wizard vs. Sorceror posted 11 Dec 2007, 20:12 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe terms Wizard vs. Sorceror by JGoose, Commoner

I am just pointing out an observation of mine here... In the Prince of Nothing series, the term sorceror applies to those who can use magic either gnostic or anagogic and is affiliated with one of the many schools in Earwa. Whereas a Wizard is the same being just not affiliated with a school and is generally looked at as a something you dont want to be for fear of persecution etc. In other books such as Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series a Wizard is the highest magical being and doesnt have a school and sorcerors (specifically in Butchers novels) are looked at as lesser beings (specifically with only the magical talents to destroy things). Also Merlin (most notably from Once and Future King and many other fantasy novels) is a Wizard and although not affiliated with any school is not persecuted or treated as a lesser magical being for him being a Wizard. Why do you think that Bakker did the old switcheroo terms here? view post

Dude posted 13 Dec 2007, 00:12 in The Thousandfold ThoughtJust finished Thousandfold Thought by JGoose, Commoner

Lucky Sevens, get over yourself, this is a friggin forum....grow up dude. view post

Barker, Butcher, Gaiman posted 27 Jan 2008, 05:01 in Literature DiscussionBarker, Butcher, Gaiman by JGoose, Commoner

Anybody like any of these authors(Clive Barker, Jim Butcher and Neil Gaiman)? If so, which are your favorites. My list is as follows Barker-Weaveworld and the books of the Art Butcher-Dresden Files-Book 3 (Grave Peril) and Dead Beat (cant remember which book # it is) also his first (Storm Front) is quite good too. Gaiman-American Gods view post

Swazond posted 21 Feb 2008, 02:02 in Author Q & ASwazond by JGoose, Commoner

Mr. Bakker, Where did you come up with the idea for the Scylvendi's Swazond. I have not heard of anything similar to it and I can see that you got a lot of your material for the books from historical eras etc. I find the whole idea of the Swazond (making a scar on yourself to continue the life/soul of those you have slain) idea fascinating. If you could provide me with how/why you implemented this idea it would be really appreciated. view post

interesting posted 20 Mar 2008, 05:03 in Philosophy DiscussionDoes every individual share the same basic rights? by JGoose, Commoner

This subject can go anywhere you want. If you believe in Tabula Raza where when you are born you are born as a blank slate then yes everyone is equal and everyone deserves the same rights, but if you believe in Tabula Raza then your environment determines who you are and because not everybody lives in the same environment with the same circumstances, not everybody believes in the same things as rights. Your rights may not be the same thing as what someone believes rights are on the other side of the world. But I will paraphrase George Carlin and say, there are no such things as rights, there are such things as Temporary priveleges and anybody at anytime can take away those priveleges if you have not cooperated with society. If you are a good boy then you get priveleges, if you are a bad boy you get none. view post


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