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a question posted 31 Jan 2006, 00:01 by Quinthane, Candidate

I hate when people see you reading and assume that it's perfectly okay to interupt and start up a conversation. As if reading isn't anything more than a way to kill time between REAL interactions. I was at a coffee shop earlier reading Thousandfold Thought when someone I vaguely know plopped himself down at my table and said, "Hey guy! How's it--" That's about as far he got before I reached into his throat and ripped out his laranyx. As he sailed through the shattering plateglass window, he had the nerve to look astonished. So, here's my question; How much of the damage to the coffeeshop window am I finacially responsible for? Quinthane "Breaker of Gerbils and Windows" view post

posted 31 Jan 2006, 02:01 by Penfold the Mighty, Commoner

You should argue that you did not break the window to the coffeeshop, rather it was a direct result of the unconventional means of egress that your acquantaince elected voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently to pursue. view post

Re: a question posted 31 Jan 2006, 02:01 by Tol h'Eddes, Auditor

[quote="Quinthane":2l8lwsm4]How much of the damage to the coffeeshop window am I finacially responsible for?[/quote:2l8lwsm4] You could plead madness. This way, you wouldn't be responsible for anything ! Or, give me 50 bucks and I'll testify I saw you walking down a street at the same time the window was broken. view post

posted 08 Feb 2006, 08:02 by Nasrudin's Shadow, Candidate

Responsibility? You are a ripper of larynxes! You are a hurler of bodies! People may grumble this or that, but no one will make you pay. Who would dare? And, assuming that there were witnesses to your fearsome (but justifiable, surely) outburst, yet none of them will point the finger at you, you [i:3espxwb5]must not [/i:3espxwb5]be responsible. view post


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