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Thousand Fold Thought in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted 20 Jan 2006, 02:01 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

TFT now in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank god i finally got my copy of TFT and I cant wait to get started view post

posted 20 Jan 2006, 05:01 by H, Auditor

Awww, come on! You gotta say where in NY! I'm dying for the book! Please say Long Island? 8) view post

posted 25 Jan 2006, 02:01 by xhaldur, Candidate

I went to Barnes and Nobles earlier and they told me the book wasn't published yet, what crap. I need my TTT fix. I need it bad lol. I've been dying to read this book for months. Stupid Kansas City... view post


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