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George RR Martin will appear at CBC Studio 1 in Vancouver posted 06 Jan 2006, 05:01 by Nasrudin's Shadow, Candidate

at 4pm next Friday (the 13th of January), doing an interview with [i:1vld7eti]North by Northwest[/i:1vld7eti]'s Sheryl McKay. The interview is taped with a live (sometimes interactive) studio audience. All you GRRM fans in Vancouver should find out from the CBC how to get tickets, so I'm not the only one there! view post

posted 25 Jan 2006, 00:01 by Rahl Windsong, Commoner

Damn it I missed that! Ghah! Rahl view post

posted 01 Feb 2006, 05:02 by Nasrudin's Shadow, Candidate

Through the magic of the internet, you can hear the interview here: view post


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