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Prince of Nothing gone in 40 years posted 24 Nov 2005, 17:11 by kevin, Commoner

Hey Scott, as a published author I would like your take on hardback books that are put out today. The average life span of a hardback book from what I have heard is between 40-50 years but books created 200 years or later will still be around ( of course were talkin calf skin bound, marbled boards etc ). Will there ever be a leather bound edition in my lifetime (of this series ) ? I have seen first editions of The Davinci Code ( which is a great book and soon to be blockbuster movie ) going for over a 1000 bucks but they will never be able to pass it on to there kids. The rarest book I own is The Dune Encyclopedia Hard Back and of course the pages are starting to turn yellow etc. I am starting to reread your series (which kicks ass ) and this time I am going to create my own Earwa Encyclopedia(for myself cause there is a lot of info ) Looking forward to The Thousandfold Thought (leatherbound with autograph made out to " To my favorite chanv addict Kevin " view post

.... posted 25 Nov 2005, 00:11 by StegoKing, Candidate

Leather is not required, but a great limited edition hardcover with acid free pages and a slipcase would be sweet. (Hell, Easton Press would be ideal) view post

... posted 25 Nov 2005, 07:11 by StegoKing, Candidate

Although I must say, I have books from the 30's that aren't faded or beat up in the slightest. view post

posted 25 Nov 2005, 14:11 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Isn't there something that libraries and book collectors spray on the pages of books published after a certain date to neutralize the acidity? Otherwise, I do hope to do special editions (I have something biblical in mind) at some future date. Baby steps for now, though... view post

... posted 05 Dec 2005, 04:12 by StegoKing, Candidate

Fair enough Ent, but no one is going to make leather, slipcased books on standard paper and glue them. Come one now. ......and Scott....get to work on the special editions!!! Baby steps me arse! view post

posted 09 Dec 2005, 14:12 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Still a small fry, Stego, what can I say. Someday though. Someday. I think TTT might lure a few lambs into the wolf-pack - enough to make me worthy a fancy folio or compendious tome. Like I say, something Biblical. view post

posted 11 Dec 2005, 04:12 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

So I should expect an illustrated 'children's' edition of PoN, with CnaiĆ¼r 'cuddling' a wench like they show in those children's Bibles? ;) view post


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