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Question! re: Advance Reader Copy posted 09 Nov 2005, 05:11 by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

I found an advanced reader copy from (an ebay site). ... 1372188229 Just wondering if this is a legit copy. If it's going to be (roughly) the same material as the actual book being published. If it's going to be terribly different, then I won't bother getting it. Jut curious if anyone knows. Thanks! view post

posted 09 Nov 2005, 05:11 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Well, that link didn't say anything about it being an ARC. As far as I know, only Rob Beford over at SFF World and myself have been sent ARCs by Scott, but I could be mistaken about that. I'll just wait and see what Scott has to say. view post

posted 09 Nov 2005, 14:11 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

It's probably legit. Though Penguin has only shipped me 3 so far, I'm assuming they've shipped many others out, as has Overlook by this point. They'll be a few hundred different things, here and there, but by and large it's the same. And if I ever get big, $12 will seem like a bargain. view post

posted 09 Nov 2005, 23:11 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

wow, I would think that ebay'ing and ARC would break some sort of contract or something between the person receiving it and the publisher. view post

Awesome posted 11 Nov 2005, 12:11 by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

Hey thanks! I'll say it's a bargain. And a good way to get the rest of the story almost 3 months early. I purchased another ARC for a different book and it seemed the same, except there were alot of spelling and grammatical errors. Well, I'll go ahead and buy the cheap one, and buy the one that comes out in Jan. too! After all, I'm sure the other one is much prettier. And yea.. aren't there rules against selling out ARC for a profit? If there aren't, there should be. view post

posted 11 Nov 2005, 13:11 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

No rules that I'm aware of... I'm not sure how much weight they carry in the book collecting world. I [i:14yukcsy]think[/i:14yukcsy] first editions are more highly valued. view post

... posted 12 Nov 2005, 17:11 by StegoKing, Candidate

While an underprinted First Trade Edition is more valuable, an ARC is obviously the true first edition, as it is the first time a work is bound. As for value, it's like everything else in this world, supply and demand. It also depends on bells and whistles, for example: The recent release of Hal Duncans [b:2qs09hdw]Vellum[/b:2qs09hdw] was very highly touted, and I believe this was due, more than anything else, to the release of a signed and limited edition ARC by the publisher. The book, signed, sells for about 40 dollars American, but the limited ARC is upwards of 200 dollars. Also, for instance, The ARC for George Martins [b:2qs09hdw]A Game of Thrones[/b:2qs09hdw] is worth far more than the first edition, both the US and UK versions. The US edition was published with a dust jacket, and the UK version is exceedingly rare. Both things lead to value. If (when) Scott blows up, it will most likely be the first Canadian ARC whose value is sent through the exosphere, but the ARCs for his other works, as collectors items, will certainly go up in value. view post


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