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Source of Powers posted 08 Nov 2005, 18:11 by Ikiru, Candidate

One thing I find intriguing, but also very confusing, is the source of various powers in this series. In TWP, we see many different kinds of sorcery - Anagogic and Gnosis, of course, but also Iyokus's Daimos, and the Cishaurim's Pshuke. What is the source of these powers? The Daimos seems to suggest that some sort of Christian-Islamic type cosmology exists in this universe, with a Hell filled with demons awaiting damned souls. Do the other sorceries then flow from the God - are they really his words, like the Tusk says? If so, what's the difference between the Pshuke and the other sorceries that leave a Mark? Tying into this question is the nature of Kellhus's abilities. When he's described as having "haloed hands," is this metaphorical, or is he literally starting to glow? Is he actually, despite his deceptions, becoming some sort of Prophet? And when he lifts "the heart from his ribs" at the end of TWP, it's metaphorical of course, but what is the implication? In short, is Bakker writing a story where the people's religion is real and the God is the font of both sorcery and Kellhus's growing powers? Or is it a simple critique of religion, and the source of these powers something else? view post

posted 20 Nov 2005, 16:11 by anor277, Didact

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