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Advance Review of The Thousandfold Thought posted 28 Oct 2005, 22:10 by Larry, Commoner

[i:34crkzcz]Still annoyed that I had to register a new SN to post this, even if this is my first name[/i:34crkzcz] Sorry for the delay, but here's a link to the review of TTT that I did over at wotmania. Hope this doesn't spoil too much, as I consciously tried to avoid giving plot-based spoilers, although the thematic elements I mention might influence the reading even more than the other would have. C'est la vie. [url:34crkzcz][/url:34crkzcz] view post

posted 28 Nov 2005, 15:11 by zarathustra, Peralogue

I was unable to hang out until January or whenever TTT is launched in the UK so I decided to purchase an advance reader copy on ebay. The third book in the series is more reflective in that there are long ruminations from the characters regarding their thoughts and motives. There are less perspectives from Kellhus himself who seems to both drive and stand outside the action. A careful reading of what has gone before should lead the reader to predict many of the events of TTT. However there are some major surprises as well; what haapens to Cnauir is particularly interesting. Scott seems to hold back from the nihilism of the previous two novels and in particular it seems more in line with his agnostic views. The real joy for me though was the massive and detailed glossary that appears at the back of the book. Particularly interesting are entries on the Cuno Inchori Wars, the first Apocalypse and the Heron Spear. It becomes apparent that a lifetime of thought has gone into the creation of this series. Some readers may find that it spoils their reading of the book if they look at the glossary first but they will need far more will power than me to resist. Many threads are tied up in TTT however there is also much that is left up in the air and from the glossary it is apparent that there is a huge amount of material to be fleshed out. In particular I am looking forward to more detail on Zeum and the remaining Nonmen. I am also still confused by some of the action and must admit that I still don’t really know what the thousandfold thought is. I am looking forward now to other people reading it so I can discuss further on this forum. view post

posted 13 Dec 2005, 20:12 by Mithfânion, Didact

That's got me all slobbery Zarathustra. view post

posted 14 Dec 2005, 03:12 by Nauticus, Auditor

I've honestly never been anticipating a book more than I am [i:1vkgemj1]The Thousandfold Thought[/i:1vkgemj1]. *ponders* TTT, The Bonehunters, that sci-fi thriller Mr. Bakker's doing, and of course the Aspect-Emperor. view post

posted 14 Dec 2005, 03:12 by Atropos, Commoner

I was going to buy an ARC today, but then realized that by the time it was shipped and on my doorstep, I would only have another week or so until the hardcover comes out. So I'll wait, and be sad. view post


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