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Shadowfall by James Clemens posted 16 Oct 2005, 22:10 by Hyperstorm, Commoner

This the first time i have ever reviewed any book and so there will be a lot of mistakes so please excuse me for those, i have included some spoilers in it & left out major ones so that any1 even after reading this peice can still enjoy Shadowfall In Shadowfall, the first chronicle of the Godslayer we are introduced to Myrillia, the land of gods & mankind. There are nine primary lands in which 100 gods have settled themselves,there are 4 categories under which the gods fall with respect to their powers, namely gods of air, fire, loam & water Tylar de Noche is the protagonist & the alleged godslayer, he is a broken man in spirit & body then he witnesses the death of the god Meeryn & in her dying moments she brands him with her palm print on his chest & effuses him with Grace[she is one of the water gods] Tylars' body is seemingly healed but then he is accused of being a godslayer & tossed into jail. He is saved from being killed,by a shadowknight who turns out to be a former friend,in jail he befriends a thief called Rogger whose predicament is worsened by the death of Meeryn Tylar is then judged guilty by the process of soothing[mindreading] & then tortured to reveal how he killed Meeryn while being tortured they break his hand & the demon spirit in him gets released, the hows & whys i"ll leave u guys to discover on your own in the book On escaping from the Island, Tylar, Rogger & Delia [meeryn handmaiden ] make a journey to Tashijan, the citadel of Shadowknights Early on we are also introduced to a 13-14 year old girl known as Dart who is in the town Of Chrismferry. She is being trained to be a handmaiden to the gods. she is always being picked upon by her class mates & due to one such event she is punished to clean a certain place where she is raped brutally by one of the brothers of the conclave She is saved by her astral companion, a doglike creature whom she calls Pupp & who is visible only to her as he is intangible, at the same time but becomes solid when in contact with blood, he kills the rapist by tearing him to shreds Dart then gets picked to be handmaiden to Chrism, the first god of Myrillia with her speciality being Blood, the highest of all graces[there are nine in all] her classmate Laurelle is also picked alongwith her for tears & they are introduced to Chrism's court It is from here on that Jim starts tweaking the story & entwining the various thread which include an assaination at Tashijan, a group called Fiery cross within the Shadowknights with their own agenda, Tylar's friend back at Tashijan including his bethrod Kathryn who had turned against him when he was removed as a shadowknight & also a race of people called the Wyr who are intent on creating a man-god The journey for Tylar is long & he meets many characters both villanous & heroic & at last the alleged Godslayer becomes an actual Godslayer with the help of Dart who plays a very crucial role The land of Myrillia is made starkly vivid & agonizingly vast by Jim & it willl be interesting to see where & what does he do in the the next book of the GSC, he has left hints which might show where he wants to go in his next book. the climax scene & dialogues between Tylar & the actual Godslayer reveal a few things bout the greater story which is very collosal & in which Tylar & Dart appear to be mere pawns also the epilogue is a killer, in which 1 of Tylars' friends is being turned against Him A LA Kral of the B&B series I have rated this book so high as it overcame my expectations from it & from the moment i read page one i was hooked into the mysterious & marvellous land that is Myrillia Rating = 9/10 view post

posted 10 Mar 2006, 04:03 by taineer, Commoner

This book was definately one of the tp 5 newcomers of last year. Thompson and Sanderson also come to mind. I'll give it an 8 out of 10, I enjoyed it immensely. view post


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