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Someplace to be Flying, Charles de Lint posted 15 Oct 2005, 01:10 by DrV, Commoner

Although i usually shy away from internationally known and accomplished fanasy novelists, due to to many bad experiences, i very much enjoyed this book. Even though it is not epic fantasy(to me i wouldn't even consider it in the fantasy genre), i would still reccomend this novel to fantasy lovers. The book starts out with a kind of "noir crime" feel, and it kept me interested, even thought i hate noir. But the book evolves into something much more, a masterpiece of character. De Lint has a whole series set in a city called Newford, althought all individual and seperate tales. I plan to pick up another of this authors books in the future, and i hope that you will too, so i'm opening discussion on this author or this book. view post

posted 22 Jan 2006, 03:01 by Chris, Commoner

I never know whether to envy new De Lint fans or feel sorry for them. On one hand you've got some great reads in front of you, but when it comes to it I've got 20+ books of his and honestly don't know if that covers half of his output. Seems like no sooner do I catch up with his older stuff, than they re-issue yet older books that he put out under a pseudonym or which were out of print. While his Newford stories are my favorite of his writings, Memory and Dream and the Onion Girl topping the list, along with some of the Jilly short stories, I really enjoy his crime noir stuff as well; the Samuel Key books and early Ottawa based stories like Mulengro, Yarrow, Greenmantle... While I love all his books, IMHO he does get formulamatic at times. The characters are his main focus, and too often he seems to use the same arc to introduce them to us; walking-wounded, arsty-type going through an emotional crisis is flung into a supernatural crisis and both problems are simultaneously brought to a head during the story. But if you're like me you get so attatched to the characters that this minor flaw is easy to overlook. :wink: view post


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