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Hurricane Katrina - how to help posted 02 Sep 2005, 00:09 by TheBrucolac, Commoner

This has probably been listed elsewhere, but it bears repeating here: Donations are welcome and necessary, but be very careful. Tragedies like this have a way of making the scum float to the top. Be very wary of any donation sites with "katrina" or "hurricane" in the URL, as they are most likely fraudulent and your money will go to waste. [url=]This FEMA page[/url:22i7lrsq] has good advice about charitable giving, and lists of legitimate agencies accepting donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I'd also like add that [url=]Habitat for Humanity[/url:22i7lrsq], a charity very near and dear to my heart is accepting donations, but is not listed on the FEMA site. Thanks for reading this. -Matt view post


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