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Xinemus of the Cishaurim posted 30 Aug 2005, 12:08 by Echoex, Auditor

I want to make a prediction that Xinemus will foresake Proyas and the Inrithi and become Cishaurim. When he and Akka are making their way past the Kianene on the plains outside Caraskand, Akkamian uses the Gnosis to obscure them both in shadows. Xinemus informs Akka that he could 'see' the eyes of the Cishaurim on him. Xinemus may turn just for the chance that he can once again see. view post

posted 30 Aug 2005, 13:08 by Murrin, Peralogue

I suspect something more complex. We don't know what is going to happen when Kellhus and Moenghus finally meet, but it is certainly going to change the relationship between the Inrithi and Fanim - the Holy War could even end with the Psukhe becoming [i:22z1od61]allowed[/i:22z1od61]. The fact that it doesn't leave a mark on the world has always been an interesting one, when we consider that sorcery is believed the Word of the God. Whatever happens, I don't think Xin will necessarily have to become anathema to learn the Psukhe - whether allowed, or protected by Kellhus - but I think he will learn, because it would provide Achamian with a new perspective on the Cishaurim. view post

posted 15 Sep 2005, 02:09 by Anonymous, Subdidact

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