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Books 1&2 as PDFs posted 28 Aug 2005, 03:08 by sciborg2, Candidate

Scott, Did we already talk about this-- Out of curiousity, would you be able to market the first two books as PDFs? I've noticed Mieville and Martin have done so, may pick up some interest. I bought Iron Council as a PDF and it worked great. The reason I ask is that if the PDFs were equivalent to the MMPB it could aid in the dissemination of Duyainism. Sci view post

posted 14 Oct 2005, 12:10 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I have no idea what would be involved - or whether the spread of Dunyainism would be such a good thing! I'll have to ask my agent. About the former, that is... view post


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