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Star Wars posted 28 Jul 2005, 13:07 by target, Auditor

OK, since we have here a huge coallition of sci-fi and fantasy fans, i thought i would bring up what i consider to be one of the greatest sci-fi phenomenons to date. Namely Star Wars. Now i don't know about anyone else, but, aside from 'he who must not be named, the stupid floppy eared, gangly pain-in-the-ass' i quite enjoyed episodes I - III. Plus, i believe Gendy Tarovsky's 'Clone Wars' to have been excellent. But now onto where Lucas goes next with his baby. There is talk of some intervening shows following the career of Bobba Fett. This sounds interesting and i would have no qualms with that, not yet anyway. There has always been mystery around the topic of filming episodes VII - IX and this is what i'm more interested in. In general, i think it would be a bad idea, with one exception. If anyone has read the Timothy Zahn Trilogy: '[i:1jvk8wzl]Heir To The Empire[/i:1jvk8wzl]' '[i:1jvk8wzl]Dark Force Rising[/i:1jvk8wzl]' '[i:1jvk8wzl]The Last Command[/i:1jvk8wzl]' I would be interested in learning of your opinions. I think these books were very well written, and, apart from the obvious problems of bringing these onto the big screen, i believe they fulfill the roles of episodes VII - IX perfectly. They continue the stories of our favourite characters and introduce a villain to rival Vader and the Emperor in Grand Admiral Thrawn. Being a slight Star Wars imperialist, i have always felt an affinity with Vader and the Emperor (not least because they are Sith - awesome) and when i read about Thrawn i immediately fell in love with his character. He is almost as cunning as the Emperor and as learned as Kellhus himelf. Any comments? view post

posted 29 Jul 2005, 13:07 by Atanvarno, Peralogue

I was under the impression (from a communications text book) that episodes VII-IX would follow the exploits of the next Skywalker generation; each trilogy following one generation (I-III: Anakin, IV-VI: Luke and Leia, VII-IX: Leia's twins?). Zahn's trilogy was the best of the Star Wars books written, but I find the writting mediocre, and at times sloppy. The thing that carried them through was the remarkable Grand Admiral Thrawn, who I wanted to win just because he's so damn cool. C'both (sp? - it's been a while since I read them) annoyed me, however, so did virtually the rest of the cast. view post

posted 29 Jul 2005, 22:07 by target, Auditor

Yeah, its C'boath, but nevermind, he is a bit of a pain. I hadn't heard that about the films, would make sense though. Will have to look into it more. Zahn's other books since have been good too. view post


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