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More laudations... this time from a very important group posted 02 Mar 2004, 14:03 by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

See [url=]here[/url:ffkt44a6]. Once again, congratulations. And congratulations to the members of the board... apparently we have good taste :) DrB[/url] view post

posted 02 Mar 2004, 18:03 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Wow, that is something. It should certainly help kick off the site. view post

posted 03 Mar 2004, 05:03 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Very cool beans. Now I know what the word flabbergasted means. view post

posted 03 Mar 2004, 14:03 by LooseCannon, Peralogue

Here's hoping many people use that as their shopping list the next time they are in a bookstore. view post

posted 14 Mar 2004, 23:03 by Malarion, Candidate

A fantastic result for a first book. Bakker is on his way to joining Erikson and Martin (and deservedly so, imho). view post


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