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Women and the Schools posted 06 Jul 2005, 21:07 by Cynical Cat, Auditor

Considering how few the Few are, have none of them tried recruiting women? I can think of a number of reasons why they won't: a) sexism b) the difficulty of doing so (not that it has got to be easy recruiting men) But somehow the opportunity to swell their numbers (even if they don't believe that women will be as skilled sorcerers as men) seems to such a powerful incentive that someone would have tried it at some time. Thanks for your time. view post

posted 06 Jul 2005, 21:07 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Damn good question, CC. Sexism and institutional inertia are the implied causes I give in the book, but given the power involved, I suppose it stands to reason that someone would test that taboo sooner or later. Hmm... You might have just given me a good rationale for a couple of things in [i:3575ouqp]The Aspect-Emperor[/i:3575ouqp]. view post

posted 06 Jul 2005, 21:07 by Cynical Cat, Auditor

Thanks for the lightning quick response. Glad to be of service in any way possible. Now I get to gloat to my friend who introduced me to your books in the first place. Muhahahaha! view post


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