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A little help... posted 21 Jun 2005, 13:06 by Deerow, Auditor

I'm actually reading through TWP for the first time and I'm not too far in. The problem is that for some reason there is a blotch of something on one of the pages and I cannot read a significant chunk of that paragraph. It may be of no real importance but I would like to know what it says nonetheless. So if anyone could post the first paragraph on page 186 up until "An older man..." Most of the rest is blotched out. I'll trade it in for a new one, but for now I just want to know what it says. Thanks 8) view post

posted 21 Jun 2005, 14:06 by Twayleph, Auditor

I'd like to help you Deerow, but I don't think the pages on the edition I have correspond with yours. The first (and only) paragraph of page 186 of my Canadian edition reads : [quote:w4zbw4ce]Song and myriad glittering torches greeted Ikurei Xerius III as he passed through curtains of wispy linen and into the palatial courtyard. Only in light must the Emperor be seen. There was a rustle of fabric as the throngs fell to their knees and pressed their powdered faces against the lawns. Only the tall Eothic Guardsmen remained standing. With child-slaves holding the hem of his gowns, Xerius walked among the prostrated forms and savoured, as he always did, this loneliness. Thisgodlike loneliness. [/quote:w4zbw4ce] No reference to an old man whatsoever. Could you indicate what chapter that blotch is located in and where approximatively to look (beginning, halfway...) ? view post

posted 21 Jun 2005, 16:06 by Deerow, Auditor

Oh sorry...I have the pocket paperback version, Canadian. And this is in [i:1dr99fmd]The Warrior Prophet[/i:1dr99fmd]...It is around the part where they are giving the Battle-Celebrant award after the defeat of the Fanim on the plains of Mengedda. I think it is basically the start of the ceremony and it may explain the ceremony in more detail but that part has been blotched out somehow. Thanks for your help though :) view post

posted 21 Jun 2005, 17:06 by Twayleph, Auditor

No problem, I can understand having an obsession with the details. I myself often leave the subtitles when I watch a DVD just in case I'd miss a word :) I think I found the passage : [quote:y0tqjnhr]After completing the purificatory rites, Gotian and Sarcellus withdrew. Stiff in their ornamental hauberks, the Gilgallic Priests then rose to declare the Battle-Celebrant, whom dread War had chosen as his vessel of the field five days previous. The masses fell silent in anticipation. The selection of the Battle-Celebrant, Xinemus had complained to Khellus earlier, was the object of innumerable wagers, as though it were a lottery rather than a divine determination. An older man, his square-cut beard as white (...) [/quote:y0tqjnhr] I hope that's what you were looking for, and hurry up to finish reading TWP already ;) view post

posted 22 Jun 2005, 03:06 by Deerow, Auditor

Yep, that's what I was looking for ;) Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to finish it up as soon as I can and contribute to the discussions on the board about it. Thanks again! view post


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