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Consult and Empire posted 21 Jun 2005, 02:06 by Twayleph, Auditor

Re-reading TDTCB and TWP, a passage where Achamian draws an ink line between "Consult" and "Empire" on his map, had me wondering just what the nature of that link was. Obviously Skeaös tried to manipulate the Emperor to serve the goals of the Consult, but reviewing the events I came to believe that the Emperor's plan was diametrically opposite to the objectives of the Conclave. I'll review each step of the plan : 1) The Battle of Kiyuth : the Scylvendi were allies of the No-God at the First Apocalypse and have supposedly spent the last few thousand years avenging his death - and now that they will be most needed, they are obliterated ! Pretty bad timing for the Consult, don't you think ? 2) The destruction of the Vulgar Holy War ; even though they were described as an impediment, wouldn't the Consult freak out when half of the army supposed to kill the Cishaurim was destroyed so quickly ? 3) The pact between the Emperor and the heathen ; the Emperor vowed to spare Shimeh - and thus the Cishaurim, which are for all we know the Consult's deadliest enemies. All in all, it seems the Emperor's plan was absolutely contrary to the objectives of the Consult, so why in the world would they have helped him devise it ? It says in the book that Skeaös tried to talk him out of it, so maybe they did try to prevent this plan from happening. So was this the extent of the Consult's influence on the Empire : a failed attempt to make the Emperor change his mind ? It wouldn't make much sense - or am I missing something here ? This is a lot of rambling, and for all I know, I'm just very slow and everyone understood that matter the first time around :) In any case, any commentary or insight would be welcome! view post

posted 21 Jun 2005, 16:06 by Nauticus, Auditor

Well, when Achamian draws that line, he only knows what [i:fi61xl4y]he's[/i:fi61xl4y] learnt. All he knows is that Skeaos (can't seem to spell this morning...) was the closest advisor to the Emperor. At this point, Achamian doesn't know if the Consult has influenced the Nasur Empire in any way, but there is an obvious link between them, so he drew that line. The line doesn't mean the Consult and the Empire are allies, and it doesn't mean the Consult has influenced the Empire all that much. [i:fi61xl4y]But[/i:fi61xl4y] Skeaos was a skin-spy, and a close aid to the Emperor, so there [i:fi61xl4y]is[/i:fi61xl4y] a link. We - and Achamian - just don't know what it is yet. view post

posted 28 Jun 2005, 18:06 by Hackhius, Commoner

Absolutly. Achamian drew the line on his map based on what he knew at the time, which was simply that a skin-spy was in the midst of the Nunsur Empire (and the world). After two thousand years of ridicule, a Mandati would be eager to connect the Consult to anywhere. After reading TWP it's safe to assume Akka could connect the Consult to almost every faction in The Three Seas. Spies are everywhere. As to the Empire/Kianene "agreement": Although we know very little about the details of this relationship, it's existence is undeniable. With secret meetings in TDTCB to the curious events surrounding the fall of Hinnereth in TWP, they are definately plotting together. It may seem one-sided at the moment, however; there are sure to be surprises and deceptions to come. Both sides of this "agreement" are likely to have there own interests in mind. view post


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