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The shortest path.... posted 09 Jun 2005, 01:06 by Aengales, Candidate

Here is my theories .... The 2nd book ended with the Inrithi slaughtering the Fanim... But dont forget Kellhus is the Harbinger to the Second Apocalypse, this means that the World is at stake and every Faction in it too, so I expect some sort of truce between the Inrithi and Fanim (even the Schools maybe with the Cishaurim) to combat the No-God (that is if the Consult waken him up, which they will) and his Consult... Moenghus who has in his possesion the Heron spear which he will give to Kellhus because his about to die... Zin, will become a Cishaurim...he has unwillingly, taken the first step, lost his eyes... Anyway these are just my thoughts/theories (anyone remember Aengales :?:) view post

posted 28 Jun 2005, 19:06 by Hackhius, Commoner

The best allies are formed through common foes. I think the Holy War as we know it will be but a forethought in TTT. Shimeh will be disasterous...for both sides. The remnants of both heathen and Inrithi will march north for the final showdown on the Plains of Mengedda. Can't wait... view post


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