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Does Akka waver?Where was he at the End? posted 26 May 2005, 15:05 by Ishmael, Commoner

As a reader I found Akka's character to be dynamic. Bakker transformed Akka through torture and loss. I was pleased that Akka thought himself different and I expected him to be portrayed differently when he and Xin rejoin the Holy War. I was a little disappointed (as reader I had different expectations of what Akka's character was going to do) when Akka reunites with Esmi and filled w/ jealousy and self doubt. His selftalk and how he imagines Esmi talking about him was a "disconnect" from his purged-no weakness- post torture persona. As a reader I had expectations for Akka to perform differently when he addresses the council, I expected others to notice a change in him. He stumbles then hints at being different than he was before when he tells his story (which he doesn't seem so embarrased about ) but the resulting ridicule seems to place Akka back to an ineffectual position. I can't believe that Akka didn't turn the city into ruin trying to find Elazaras. He seems fixated on Iokus (understandable- his torturer- who gave him time to escape (hey MacGyver Im going to lock you in this metalshop))but he lets Elazaras off the hook?? His character demonstrated a capacity to destroy everything in his path and I thought that he woud demonstrate that character change. I also expected the end of the Siege of WP-- to feature more of Akka and Cnauir in the battle over the pajaradja. They weren't mentioned as far as I could tell. Just depictions of mal nourished wraiths beating a well fed foe because they had "conviction" I can imagine that the book would much longer if Bakker decided to address these themes. view post

posted 30 May 2005, 16:05 by White Lord, Subdidact

Well, I think the change in his character [i:1wqcowzt]will[/i:1wqcowzt] happen, but in the course of TTT. There are many hints. First of all Kellhus saying that Achamian was stronger than anyone thought, first of all Achamian himself. Then you also have those tantalizing quotes at the beginning of each chapter. One of them is of Achamian's post-Holy War narrative, where he says he, along with many others, killed their fat lot of heathens, though they were not with the Holy War for reasons of faith. I expect that, if Achamian decides to teach Kellhus sorcery, they could [i:1wqcowzt]both[/i:1wqcowzt] start using it against the enemies of the Holy War. As for your objection that he should have hunted down Eleazaras and the others, well that's not very realistic. He's powerful, yes, but not omnipotent; there were simply too many Scarlet Schoolmen around for him to do anything, if he wanted to avoid being overpowered a second time. Also I don't think he had enough time to absorb the blow of Esmenet's "betrayal", as well as Kellhus's manipulations. That begins to change at the end of TWP, but of course there's no space to show it at that point. That's why I say we'll see Achamian's change in TTT. view post

posted 31 May 2005, 00:05 by Ishmael, Commoner

These are excellent insights and observations. I had not recalled Akka's quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I expected him to bring buildings down to rubble to get Elazaras since that was what he did trying to get Iyokus. I realize that is not a realistic thing for this character to do but I thought maybe he had been through enough to throw caution to the wind. I thought that the suffering and changes he experienced would bring about different reactions from him at the end of the story.You're right about there being no space to show it at the end. TTT, I imagine, will resolve and expand these character developments. My thoughts weren't focused on the next novel so much as the end of this one. view post

posted 27 Dec 2005, 05:12 by stacius, Commoner

If I may jump in. There's some issues that don't make sense...If things are so desperate that he wouldn't attack the Scarlet Spires, why doesn't Akka call for help from the Mandate? Secondly, with something a big as a Holy War, why would the Mandate send only ONE spy? How would they know that Akka wouldn't get killed, either by the Consult or the Fanim? An army of over 250,000 men, they send one guy? view post

posted 30 Dec 2005, 07:12 by stacius, Commoner

Perhaps you're right, I mean I undestand that this is a fantasy novel and that plots need to be driven a certain way, but look at it from the other end. The Shiriah knows who Akka is and The Holy War has been in the field for months...everyone knows where they're going. You're in charge of a School and they tell you that you're ancient enemy is among the army. Then you don't hear from your guy for weeks...So you just kick back?! I think Akka did a pretty poor job of keeping a low profile. I mean everyone seems to know who he is and why he's there. His involvement with Kellhus would mean that lots of people would know who he is. And don't you think someone would've survived to tell the tale of how a Mandate Schoolman laid waste to the Scarlet Spires base? Anyway... view post


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