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INRI Sejenus posted 01 Feb 2008, 05:02 by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

I was just doing research for a paper, and i suspect that this has been spotted before, but Inri was also the acronym carved onto the cross above Jesus' head (allegedly) is a latin acronym, meaning Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. I thought that that was fairly enlightening, and most likely not coincidental at all. Kudos, Mr. Bakker, for making more complete and complex that particular layer of the Earwa mythos. p.s. cannot wait until the great ordeal, and further illumination into the world he has created. p.s.s. i posted this in the general forum, but suspect no one browses that. so here it is :D view post

posted 01 Feb 2008, 06:02 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

[url:3kutwule][/url:3kutwule] [url:3kutwule][/url:3kutwule] These threads discuss this as well. view post


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