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Some Random Thoughts on TTT posted 15 May 2005, 22:05 by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

Firstly, did anyone, by about 2/3 of the way through W-P really start hating Kellhus? Or is it just me? Between everyone fawning all over him and him taking Esmi from Akka, I just... found myself wanting to strangle the dude. By the end of the book I can tolerate him again, but I still find myself hating Esmi and frankly every other character who goes all mushy eyed over him. ( Serwe included! ) Anyway, enough of ranting. My take on the Thousandfold Thought, is that it has something to do with connecting with the minds of those around him. Whether it has to do with sorcery or not is still a question in my mind... but I think it's just a further step in what Kellhus had already discovered about his abilities to influence the actions of world-born men. ( I'm betting that his father has also discovered this. Perhaps even that his father has done the same with the Cishaurim or even the Fanim. ) Remember that several times in the latter portion of the book, Scott mentions Kellhus speaking with other peoples lips. (Of course this may also just be my misinterpretation of a metaphor.) As far as my guesses about what will happen in TTT ... I doubt that the No-God will be awakened by the end of the book. So far, (As far as my memory serves), none of the consult has mentioned anything about being close to reviving him. And if they could already revive him, I'm betting they would have already. I think by the end of TTT the Fanim will have been defeated/subdued/converted... and Kellhus will have established his own kingdom/empire in the southern lands, possibly even in the northern lands as well. Remember that the next set of books, (which take place 20 years further on {Mr. Bakker said this himself}) will be titled (as a set) The Aspect-Emperor. Now, unless the Prince of Nothing ends with a big cliff-hanger or Scott has a brand new enemy in store for the next set of books, I'm doubting that the No-God will be awakened by the end of TTT. (Mainly because his defeat seems to warrant at least a fourth book to the set, and because if he isn't defeated... well... I doubt that there would be another set of books. Mwahaha. ) That's about it for my guesses on the future. Any comments? view post

Oh.. posted 15 May 2005, 23:05 by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

I just want to say that while I don't think the No-God will be awakened, I do think that a major confrontation between the Consult and the world of men is likely. Whether it will be open war or simply sorcery is beyond me (again). But based on the events at the tail end of the W-P, I think at least one pitched battle is likely... But again, just a guess. view post

posted 17 May 2005, 01:05 by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Kelhus creeped me out, yes... those sermons were weird and I would hate to be in the audience, lapping it up with the rest (as I am sure I would inevitably do...) But I don't find his "taking" Esmi away from Akka any more reprensible than anything else he's done. Esmi is a grown woman has about as much chance of resisting him as anyone else. Why not get annoyed with Kelhus for convincing Akka he is a genius such as the world has never seen (and worthy of the exception of teaching him sorcery). Women aren't objects or posessions. She thought he was dead. She got with the most charismatic and hot guy out there who actively pursued her. Big deal. Personally, I found Serwe highly annoying. there seems to be nothing remarkable about her except for her looks. Otherwise she is a spoiled, stupid, slightly insane brat. Vain and petty, I might add. I thought she was the innocent only so far as the bad parts of child-like-ness. I could sympathize with Esmi's annoyance. When is this book coming out!!! view post

posted 17 May 2005, 19:05 by sciborg2, Candidate

Serwe retreated into childishness to avoid confrontation with the fact that at least two children of hers were murdered immediately upon exiting the womb. Think of the number of times this girl has been raped, the first time was at twelve iirc. And Khellus told her to let Cnauir rape her, though he could have stopped him. The rest of her sexual encounters were all prostitution as a concubine. I do hate Khellus, but he did give her an illusion that gave her peace. I can recall situations where I could tell someone had created what was to me a fallacy to find peace with the past, and so long as it is past I don't challenge them on it. So do we revile him for using her, or grudgingly respect him for giving her some measure of happiness. Looking back on it, I pitied Serwe. Did I find her irritating as all hell? Yes. But remember her plea to the two wanderers in the woods--"Don't be mean to me." view post

posted 20 May 2005, 23:05 by diarmuid, Peralogue

i think it is important to remember that Esmi is a whore so the betrayal of Akka cannot be founded on the physical act the mental betrayl is far greater but I beleive the roots of our outcries rest in the physical and perhaps Ser Bakker would have it so.......... view post

posted 21 May 2005, 00:05 by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Esmi is more of a working girl. Her profession is not a pathology, it's a way to feed herself. She was left with little choice, since she begins by being raped by her father and then given by him to his friends. She's not exactly marriage material in a world obesessed with chastity and virginity in a bride. Her profession has certainly affected her view of sexual relationships, but she did not become a whore because of some quirk in her personality that made her want to jump into bed with anyone. The Emporer's mother is more of a pathological whore, in my opinion. She uses sex to manipulate and jockey for power, even on her own son. Maybe Esmi's a whore in so far as the preservation of her chastity to maintain her repuation is not an issue for her since her reputation is as irrevocably marked as her hand is... that doesn't mean sleeping with someone means nothing to her. view post

posted 21 May 2005, 02:05 by diarmuid, Peralogue

no...not nothing of course but perhaps less of a high water mark than others would think perhaps her actual self, in body, is more of an easy way to give comfort i beleive her mind is the thing in this story...and that she seems to only have "given" to Akka perhaps therin her virginity lies? view post

Heh posted 22 May 2005, 01:05 by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

Funny how a random comment of mine can spark so many opinions. All really meant was that The character annoys me because she fawns over Kellhus so much. I'm a practical person, and unless there's some funny business going on with Kellhus using magic for his manipulations, I don't think I'd end up that way. I'd follow him certainly, but more from a sense that he knows alot more about what he's doing than I do. As for Esmi's betrayal... the fact that she let Akka go so easily without even being sure that he was dead, and in so short a time too... really just makes me lose respect for her. Whore or not... she moved on pretty quickly. It wasn't just a bid to keep her place among the high and mighty... she gave herself body and soul to Kellhus. Honestly, I just can't look past that. And I doubt Akka will be able to either. view post

posted 22 May 2005, 07:05 by anor277, Didact

[quote:2w6scb1z][i:2w6scb1z]Kidruhil Lancer wrote:[/i:2w6scb1z] As for Esmi's betrayal... the fact that she let Akka go so easily without even being sure that he was dead, and in so short a time too... really just makes me lose respect for her. Whore or not... she moved on pretty quickly. It wasn't just a bid to keep her place among the high and mighty... she gave herself body and soul to Kellhus. Honestly, I just can't look past that. And I doubt Akka will be able to either.[/quote:2w6scb1z] I think some of you are being a bit hard on Esmenet (Achamian is guilty of this as well for mine). Had Kellhus not taken Esmi as his lover after Achamian was taken, almost certainly Esmenet would have been dead like the other camp followers. Even Achamian, [i:2w6scb1z]in extremis[/i:2w6scb1z], said something like "Esmi, survive me". Well how did he think she was going to do that? The men of the Tusk did not admire her for her intellect. Kellhus, for all his faults and manipulations, did. view post

posted 22 May 2005, 11:05 by diarmuid, Peralogue

awesome points also...for it to really have been a betrayal i think we need to assume that Esmi saw Kellhus as a replacement, an equal one, for Akka. And I am in no way ready to o.k. that assumption. Likely, her intelligence (which I think we all agree is pretty fierce), views the two of them as totally different animals. And perhaps (this is a shot in the dark here) Kellhus has managed to focus Akka once more on the very real problems in the world instead of losing himself in domestic bliss. Faith and fervour need an impetus and hate is a fuel like any other, if a little more combustible than love. view post

posted 19 Jul 2005, 00:07 by Anonymous, Subdidact

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