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Now that I've finally gotten TWP, a couple things. posted 21 Apr 2005, 02:04 by Grantaire, Moderator

(Damn the slowness of American libraries in getting Canadian books :wink: ) First, I wanted a clarification about the relationships of the metaphysics used by the various schools- it's stated quite plainly that the Anagogic Schools, and even the Mandate, cannot identify the Cishaurim, or their work: does it go in the reverse way though? Can the Cishaurim see the Mark on the Schoolmen, or are they able to identify them in some way, even though it doesn't work the other way? Second, about Kellhus and the Dunyain. If driven by the Logos, and truly not possessing emotion and the typical motivation of men- what is there to motivate their actions, other than [i:59xf2te5]the past[/i:59xf2te5]? Not having the natural hungers of men, they only want to continue their existance with the Logos (as evidenced by the purging of the Dunyain after Moenghus sent the dream), but isn't this simple foundation built by the past, and the desires of past Dunyain? Third, Mog-Pharau. Congratulations on making a totally badass "dark lord"ish character, by the way. This may not be something you can reveal while still keeping your secrets, but I just want to know, what is the actual nature of the No-God? We know the Consult had to summon him, but is he actually a "deity" per se (albeit fallible), or else a created power, that just happens to be very powerful and malevolent, or what? Thanks. TWP is shaping up to be a great continuation of the series. view post

posted 28 Apr 2005, 16:04 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Just realized how late I am getting to this. Sorry for the delay, Grantaire - and all for a series of coy non-answers. I hope TWP is treating you well in the meantime! :twisted: The metaphysics are something that TTT actual covers a great deal of (short of any editorial axes), so I'm going to hold off on answering this one. Regarding the No-God's true nature - I doubt I'll ever be able to answer that question! :wink: As for the Dunyain and the impossibility of escaping past determination: for the Dunyain the question is never one of overcoming the past so much as it is of [i:11e1eu4c]overcoming the present[/i:11e1eu4c] by getting oneself into the [i:11e1eu4c]right relation[/i:11e1eu4c] to the past. view post


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