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Barker, Butcher, Gaiman posted 27 Jan 2008, 05:01 by JGoose, Commoner

Anybody like any of these authors(Clive Barker, Jim Butcher and Neil Gaiman)? If so, which are your favorites. My list is as follows Barker-Weaveworld and the books of the Art Butcher-Dresden Files-Book 3 (Grave Peril) and Dead Beat (cant remember which book # it is) also his first (Storm Front) is quite good too. Gaiman-American Gods view post

posted 28 Jan 2008, 01:01 by Israfel, Peralogue

Don't believe I've read the first two authors. But of Gaiman's work Neverwhere is my favourite. Might have something to do with living in London though... view post

posted 31 Jan 2008, 21:01 by noodles0585, Peralogue

i too haven't read the first two but american gods by neil gaiman was fantastic. view post

Re: posted 30 Sep 2008, 00:09 by CnaiĆ¼r, Peralogue

[quote="noodles0585":2yhd6pvp]american gods by neil gaiman was fantastic.[/quote:2yhd6pvp] I agree. The concept/theme of the story is what makes it all worthwhile. It was a nice twist at the end to add the main character to that main thread running through it. It left me contemplating for quite some time, mainly because the main character's name is Shadow, which carries much symbolism and psychological connotations, and to bring him to [i:2yhd6pvp]that[/i:2yhd6pvp] level... very interesting indeed. :) I read Neverwhere after that and I was just so disappointed and turned-off I banned him. That is, until he authors a sequel to [i:2yhd6pvp]American Gods[/i:2yhd6pvp] starring the main character. Now, Clive Barker is someone who's works I have enjoyed a lot. Especially [i:2yhd6pvp]Imagica[/i:2yhd6pvp], [i:2yhd6pvp]Sacrament[/i:2yhd6pvp], [i:2yhd6pvp]Gallilee[/i:2yhd6pvp], and many of his short stories. His fluid writing-style is what I enjoy the most. :) view post

Re: Barker, Butcher, Gaiman posted 09 Nov 2008, 03:11 by Almighty Tallest, Candidate

Haven't read Butcher, no. The other two, though, I have read a lot of. Barker - [u:1nr99cy3]Weaveworld[/u:1nr99cy3], [u:1nr99cy3]The Books of Blood[/u:1nr99cy3], and [u:1nr99cy3]The Great and Secret Show[/u:1nr99cy3] are my favourites. Gaiman - Pretty much everything that he's written. The man has an uncanny knack for constructing a sentence that fills me with wonder with every page. I am completely jealous of every word he has ever put down. view post


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