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Edmonton? posted 09 Apr 2005, 17:04 by Dargome' Kazzi, Commoner

Scott, Any chance you'll be coming thru Edmonton soon? Please let me know us you are. I'd be happy to help set up a book signing if that's what it took. Tyler view post

posted 15 Apr 2005, 14:04 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I probably won't find out what my tour schedule will be for the TTT release for a few months yet, DK. They sent me to Calgary last time. I'll post again as soon as I find out. view post

posted 16 May 2005, 06:05 by Fell, Peralogue

And I'll be here to shake your hand full-heartedly. As well as the half-dozen others I have reading [i:2ldj9rrw]Prince of Nothing[/i:2ldj9rrw] right now. view post

posted 20 May 2005, 13:05 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I'll make sure that I palm you a fiver, Fell! :wink: Still no word on the tour specifics yet. I probably won't know anything until the fall. I'd actually like to get a chance to get up to U of A as well. view post

posted 10 Jun 2005, 06:06 by Fell, Peralogue

U of A has a nice campus. I just saw John Ralston Saul speak at the [url=]Royal Alberta Museum[/url:3b2nxx0b], which was okay. I am not sure if they just usher you through Chapters/Indigo locations, but if you get a chance to do indie bookstores, the ones to keep in mind are Greenwoods' (located in Old Strathcona, nearer to the University) and Audrey's (downtown). view post


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