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I HATE PEOPLE... posted 20 Mar 2005, 21:03 by Cynadar, Candidate

I just finsihed reading reviews on the Prince of Nothing Series by absolute idiots! People that didn't like the books because, what do you know, the events in them could have actually happened (minus the magic, of course). They said that there's not enough plot, and too much characterizing/ philosophy. When will people learn, plot isn't everything! If these books were plot only and no philosophy and characterizing, I would have stopped about page 7. The reason certain books have that ability to make you stop everything just to read them is: you care for the characters. A solely plot book cannot deliver anxiety towards characters and their fate. You have to make memorable characters and a society worth reading about to truly allow books to grip the reader so strong, that he finds himself worrying over what may happen in the next book: will this character die? Will he prevail against [antagonist]? And so on. Sorry if this annoyed anyone, but I just can't stand society's superficial nature. Maybe I should build a castle in the middle of nowhere and become Dunyian... view post

posted 21 Mar 2005, 03:03 by AjDeath, Didact

I hate peolple too. But not for the same reason as you. view post

posted 23 Mar 2005, 20:03 by Alric, Auditor

I get tired of the people who desparately cling to a certain, limited idea of what makes a story a fantasy. This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the genrefication of literature. Once you start classifying books by what things they have in common, it's too easy to lose originality and open expectations of quality. view post


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