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Appendices posted 20 Feb 2005, 21:02 by Maltaran, Commoner

A lot of these questions here seem to refer to the appendices, but my copy doesn't have them in. Is this something deliberate by the UK publishers, and if so, is there anywhere on the web that I can find a summary of what's in them? view post

posted 21 Feb 2005, 16:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Welcome to the board, Maltaran. I think the only thing missing from the UK edition is the "Languages of Earwa" appendix, which as far as I know, isn't available anywhere on the web. It will, however, be included in the appendices to TTT. At least if I have my druthers... view post

posted 21 Feb 2005, 19:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

I also believe alot of the references you are refering to Maltaran are references to what will be in the appendices to TTT, which I believe is going to be far more extensive than those in the first two books. At least if we keep working on Scott to put more in that is ;) view post

posted 21 Feb 2005, 20:02 by Maltaran, Commoner

I'm just confused by people all seeming to know about the history of Earwa, when all I can find is the character and faction glossary. view post

posted 21 Feb 2005, 22:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

Some of that does seem to refer to the upcoming appendices to TTT Malt, which will be huge (think appendices to Return of the King). Otherwise I don't know what info is in the Canadian editions that I have that isn't in the UK copies since I don't own one. view post


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