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Feast for Crows due this Summer posted 19 Feb 2005, 21:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

According to GRRM at the Boskone Convention that he's currently attending. YES! view post

posted 19 Feb 2005, 21:02 by H, Auditor

Fankly, I'll believe when i see it. But this is some positive news. view post

posted 20 Feb 2005, 11:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

There's already one conflicting report that has come in in which the poster says that Martin had no idea when it will be finished. In other words, a total opposite of a Summer release. Most irritating. view post

posted 23 Feb 2005, 19:02 by neongrey, Peralogue

I'll believe it when he posts it, myself. Edit: And there's no way that's 'published by' that time, anyway. Finished by summer, I could maybe see. But edited, printed, and shipped? It'd have to be finished -right- now, which we'd probably all know about, and then given a RJ-level hackjob edit, which I think no one wants to see. We've waited this long, so I know I, at least, can wait for however long it takes to properly edit a book of this size. view post

posted 24 Feb 2005, 18:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

Actually it can make a Summer release date. It's only February. If he finishes it in March, which he's likely to do, it can be released in for instance September (which is still Summer). The publisher's will be eager to publish it , especially the UK publisher who wants to steal sales from US buyers from the US publisher. Aside from that, the book is already partially edited by Martin and his editor(s) because he was already sending parts of the manuscript months ago. view post

posted 08 Mar 2005, 02:03 by gyrehead, Candidate

Martin said he likes a minimum of six months editing when I saw him last year. And my sister-in-law went to see him at this last Boskone. She said that he would only say that if he finished the book in the next month (at the time) he might be able to have it out by the end of summer. However he also said it was not done and he was still working on it and his website would be the first plce to find out when it was done. view post

posted 23 Mar 2005, 18:03 by Alric, Auditor

I've adopted this approach to Martin... I'll read it when I see it. When it comes to Martin, I'm fully confident that he'll deliver a very worthy book... in his own time. I'm more than happy to let him have all the time he needs. view post

posted 29 May 2005, 00:05 by gyrehead, Candidate

After removing at least two significant story arcs (Dany and the Wall), Martin announced this weekend at ConQuest that AFFC is finished and should be out Sept or Oct. The removed work will appear in book five, thus making sure that the story arcs for the period covered will be given in their entirity instead of all of them making it in the book but being split. The fifith book is almost halfway done (whatever that means in Martin speak -- I guess a four year wait instead of close to six?). The series will go to seven books most likely. The official general announcement should go up on the site this mondy according to Martin's companion, Parris. view post

posted 29 May 2005, 07:05 by Mithfânion, Didact

That is such a crap decision. A few weeks ago he was going on about how Feast was mainly about Dany and Jon, and now they are both excluded completely. What a fucking mess. view post

posted 29 May 2005, 13:05 by Murrin, Peralogue

He said there were a lot more chapters of those than other characters - but there are a lot more characters in the other arcs. This seems a sensible decision to me, considering that the alternative he was given was that the book be split in half. Elsewhwere I've read that [i:1bph167r]Feast[/i:1bph167r] will be the length of [i:1bph167r]A Game of Thrones[/i:1bph167r], even with that material cut out. Since it seems likely that [i:1bph167r]A Dance With Dragons[/i:1bph167r] would have featured Daenerys heavily in any case, this may work out well. view post

posted 29 May 2005, 21:05 by gyrehead, Candidate

I think Parris may have to break out another finger. Feast was added to bridge the five year gap originally right? Because Martin had started writing ADWD and found that it was too hard to give enough explanation of th events of the five years in hindsight and reviewing narrative. Yet he also said in the midst of writing Feast that it was not coming close to taking up more than a few months of those five years. So with the Dany and Jon segments in ADWD, does that mean that the stuff he originaly started to write about taking place after the five year leap will be pushed to the next book after ADWD? Because it would be odd to have a book that has the first half going back over the same timeframe as AFFC and then jumping ahead five years. I think Martin hemmed himself into a corner his pride would not let himself back out of. He stated in Boston it would definitely be out in 2005. Unequivocally. Considering his fanbase and the fact it is a [i:if1wah44]fourth[/i:if1wah44] book in the series, I am not sure that I buy the whole "it was too big" Yes publishers shy away from big books. But in part they do so as they love turning one book into two for basically the same contract price. Its not like Martin's fanbase is going to turn away because the book is 950 pages as opposed 700. Plus there is the advantage of the publisher turning the hardcover into two paperbacks. Which could wel happen anyway I guess. But I think when determining shelf space for the series, leave room for eight books. Not seven. What I really am not looking forward to is the huge amount of attention and despair that ADWD will generate as the fans wait and wait and wait for that book. Because Martin won't be doing much writing of it between now the release of AFFC, if at all. In fact he could go through the whole year without getting much done. And considering that he has had a 100 or so pages to finish on AFFC (until the split decision) for quite some time, I wonder if ADWD will be out by first half of 2008? view post

posted 30 May 2005, 12:05 by Murrin, Peralogue

The announcement is up on the [url=]site[/url:136am9py]. Apparently the manuscript as it was would have come to more than 1600 pages, even bigger than ASoS. view post

posted 15 Jun 2005, 11:06 by Tol h'Eddes, Auditor

Which story arcs do you think will be in the book? From what we know in ASoS, I assume : Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion Sansa, Dandarrion (Or Catelyn) Arya * Stannis * Theon * Maybe not Arya, Theon and Stannis, since, I recall, they were going North or were in the North... Any suggestions? view post

posted 15 Jun 2005, 11:06 by Murrin, Peralogue

I say: Jaime Cersei Sansa Arya Unrevealed new PoV Sam Iron Islands (Asha, Aeron, not sure if there're more) Dorne (Areo Hotah (sp?), one of the Kingsguard I can't remember right now) And the ones moved into Dance: Dany Tyrion Jon Davos Bran Theon? view post

posted 17 Jun 2005, 15:06 by Arkmam, Candidate

Asha will be in both books, and I'm pretty sure that Theon is no longer a PoV. The kingsguard in Dorne is Arys Oakheart. Arya is in Dance. view post

posted 18 Jun 2005, 16:06 by Edge, Peralogue

Mixed feelings about this. Not happy about losing all the characters from the north, but glad that we will finally get a new book out of him. I just hope it is worth the wait. On the bright suide, given how much material he is moving into A Dance with Dragons that book should come out a hell of a lot quicker. view post

...... posted 14 Jul 2005, 08:07 by StegoKing, Candidate

I'm that asshole George told at Boskone that AFFC would be out this summer. He was close. :P view post

posted 09 Aug 2005, 21:08 by Tol h'Eddes, Auditor

Is FfC five years after A Storm of Swords? If so, I'm wondering. Rickon is 4 or 5 years old in SoS. So, he would be 9 or 10 in FfC, Bran's age in CoK. Will we see Rickon's story arc in the next books? view post

posted 12 Aug 2005, 16:08 by Randal, Auditor

No, FFC does not take place 5 years after SoS.. Martin originally planned to use this "five year gap" to allow the younger characters to mature a bit, but it didn't work. Half of Dance of Dragons would have been flashbacks showing what happened in the intervening time. This would have felt both boring and contrived, or so he apparently judged, and the idea was abandoned. This is part of the reason whilst it took him so long to write this book... halfway through, he started from scratch, more or less. view post

posted 12 Aug 2005, 21:08 by Tol h'Eddes, Auditor

Ahhhhhh ok :) Thanks ! view post

posted 18 Nov 2005, 20:11 by Edge, Peralogue

So presumably some of you have read it by now. Were you as disappointed as I was? Not his best work. Reads like half a book - which it is I guess. view post

posted 19 Nov 2005, 18:11 by RiderOnTheStorm, Candidate

[quote="Edge":1qnrl5yd]So presumably some of you have read it by now. Were you as disappointed as I was? Not his best work. Reads like half a book - which it is I guess.[/quote:1qnrl5yd] I cant say i was disappointed.. I thnk i see where you are coming from but the plot is so huge, the cast of characters even bigger, that even a master like GRRM must take some time (or a few hundred pages) and try and flesh non-fantastical things out. I found the beginning of hte book a little slow but by the end i was riveted. I think one of the things that sets GRRM's writing apart from almost all other writers in this genre is his ability to write high fantasy w/o many of the elements that are normally assosciated with high fantasy. e.g. tons of magic, copious amounts of wizardly displays, uber god like characters that are impervious to anything. That is not to say that there arent elements of those things in ASOIAF but this series is so good because the characters are that good. Not because they are all uber and tossing magic around like it was nothing. view post

Dance with Dragons posted 09 Aug 2006, 03:08 by Sedulo, Candidate

I felt that the book was good but that the more dynamic story arcs are with the other characters (but this may be my personal choice since Jon, Tyrion, Arya, Bran and Dany are my favorites). I think I see where this is going though and that just makes me more impatient. For instance Jon likely being a Targaryen and other stuff. It is clever to publish this way though, but annoying to the readers/fans. Also when people became upset Martin was absolutely remorseless. I mean it is gimmicky to split it this way rather than into two books with all of the characters. I don't feel suspense, just resignation. This can lapse into disinterest as I have with other authors who keep writing and writing and writing books that are on a plane. Martin hasn't displayed that but I feel that the story has slowed down considerably. view post

posted 24 Aug 2006, 06:08 by Sedulo, Candidate

WHOA, I forgot that Arya is in Feast. :oops: view post


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