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Tally of Evil Acts posted 17 Feb 2005, 21:02 by RevCasy, Candidate

I was thinking about this recently. Which characters have done the most bad things? And I don't mean which characters do you think of as "villains", or which characters have been talked up as being the most evil. I am refering to specifically to the character who has commited the most acts that might be considered morally wrong. We should probably leave the No-God out of this. Who can compete with a god, afterall? There are many other umm... bad people that we've heard of, but I suspect that (as far as our knowledge goes) Kellhus holds the title. How many people has he lied to? How many people has he killed? How many people have died because of him? How many people has he destroyed or betrayed? So, I am left in the surprising and unique (for me) position of having as my favorite, the evilest character. On the other hand, a case can be made for Cnaiur, the Emperor, and others. What do you think? view post

posted 07 Mar 2005, 19:03 by anor277, Didact

Just to reply to this thread (and I've been meaning to for weeks), I think that Xerius' willful, premeditated sacrifice of the so-called of the vulgar Holy War (the slaughter of all his co-religionists just as a bargaining chip against the Shriah and the rest of the Great Names' factions) is for mine the most evil act in the novel so far. I recall Xerius himself (or was it Conphas?) felt like a god when he heard of the vulgar crusade's demise - the sacrifice of all those souls.....I'd never make such a good politician. view post

posted 07 Mar 2005, 23:03 by Erthaelion, Candidate

It was Conphas, who "felt like a thief, the hidden author of a great loss...hidden in the womb of events. Like a God." Had the book beside the comp, thought I'd clarify. Conphas, if one is convinced of the Emperor's malevolence, is at least equally at blame for the tragedy of the Vulgar Holy War. view post

posted 08 Mar 2005, 06:03 by anor277, Didact

@Erthaelion, Thanks, it was Conphas as you say - nevertheless I feel that Xerius bears the ultimate responsibility for the vulgar Holy War, he planned it, he negotiated it, and he executed it. As regards other "evil acts" I'd like to mention Serwe's father, who sold her into slavery at the age of 14, into god knows what rape and indignity. If the Three Seas suffer in the next few years under Mog or Kellhus, then by god some of them deserve it. view post


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