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Good Book? posted 14 Feb 2005, 15:02 by spleef, Commoner

I recently got a book from a friend (the darkness that comes before) but I was wondering if this is the right book to start on because there are alot of things the book doesn't explain I was thinking maybe there is a prequel or something that i could read before i read the darkness that comes before. but anyways i am a 17 yr old student who goes to highschool and i enjoy video game rpgs anyone who is also interested i suggest a great free online morpg :arrow: i am also working on a game using similar graphics from rpg maker for ps2, it should be online soon and i will post that as well view post

posted 16 Feb 2005, 00:02 by Wil, Head Moderator

Just a note first. I moved your thread here, the "Welcomes" thread is just for introducing yourself. No worries. Back on topic. I would never read the thrid book before the first. If the author wanted us to read the third book first, it would be the first book, not the thrid. [i:3g8k1c34]Darkness[/i:3g8k1c34] is the first book in the series and I beleive that you should start with it. Just remember, "All good things come to those who wait." Welcome to our forum! view post

posted 16 Feb 2005, 18:02 by Alric, Auditor

I have to agree with Will on this one. There are some series that can be read out of sequence, though I'd never suggest it for the first time through. Erikson's Malazan series could be read, 1-3-2-4-5, with minimal spoilers for the out of sequence books. In a series like Bakkers, it's a bad idea to read the books out of sequence. A great deal of the weight and power of later books comes from the character development and mystery of the earlier books. Sometimes, a story needs time to build, wrap a reader up, before it explodes. If you skip to the middle or last book, you miss the careful preparations of the author, you miss the depth, and power of the actions, revelations and decisions. view post

posted 17 Feb 2005, 04:02 by AjDeath, Didact

Never would I do such a thing. It is evil. view post

posted 03 Mar 2005, 00:03 by Annabel, Peralogue

No. That takes all the fun out of it. view post

posted 08 Mar 2005, 17:03 by sunshine, Commoner

[quote="AjDeath":3o7mmfy8]Never would I do such a thing. It is evil.[/quote:3o7mmfy8] Oh, how true. view post

posted 04 Apr 2005, 19:04 by Echoex, Auditor

Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series can be read out of order. They're also an amazing read, if anyone has the inclination. Ex. view post


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