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Review of Lone Drow by RA Salvatore posted 19 Jan 2005, 17:01 by Born of Fantasy, Commoner

By [b:2q9y0ty9]Dalerone[/b:2q9y0ty9] I want to start out this review with a little bit of respect to the man R.A. Salvatore. The first Drizzt series (Icewind Dale Trilogy) was great, I read it with fervor. The second Drizzt trilogy, The Dark Elf Trilogy, was more of an introspective journey. As a teenager, young man, this series lets you relate to the feelings of being alone and overwhelmed in the world. Unfortunately we then moved into the next series Legacy of the Drow, Paths of Darkness, and Hunters Blade Series which I didn't find to be as comfortable. I mean they had our favorite characters, but something just wasn’t as fresh and new about them, also some things in these series just bother me. I am not a fan of characters dying and coming back to life. I don’t know but if George RR Martin can write a great story where the main characters can be killed off, then everyone can. Salvatore not only does this once, but twice and the second time we see it is in this book. I view the newer Salvatore books like I look at an old toy from the 80s. Yeah there is a bunch of better stuff out now, but the nostalgia factor brings me back to read these, and my respect for the superb writing of the earlier trilogy. Ok now enough of this banter, on to the review. The Lone Drow is part of a very long series as stated above, and we see Drizzt in "Hunter" mode in this book. Hunter mode is where he falls back into his animalistic nature of just killing with little regard to his own safety or bodily limits. We have a few story lines to follow in this book. The Orc King who was imbued with some magic of the Orc God and Shamans, is trying to conquer Icewind Dale and surrounding areas with the help of the Troll King and Giants. There is a bit of conflict between these groups as one would expect, but King Obould Many-Arrows is extremely smart for an orc, and we all know this conflict should lead to a one on one fight between him and Drizzt at some point in the future. The Giants are pretty mad that this orc is so strong and smart so we have jealous Giant syndrome going around. Now what does all of this have to do with Drizzt and his band of merry adventurers. Well we have a bunch of random dark elves that have come up from the underdark to get the giants/orcs/trolls together in the first place, for amusement and profit. Now I don’t know about you, but even this seems like a stretch for the dark elves. Especially since it means this little band of dark elves has to work together for so long. Then we have Drizzt starting to realize his feelings for Cattie-brie but they don’t even know the other is alive at this point as the band has become separated. In between all of this, we have another city of blacksmiths mad at Bruenors clan and trying to sabotage their furnaces and metal. Overall it was a decent book, I gave it a solid 6 but nothing like the earlier series. If you have read the Drizzt books, it only makes sense to read this. Review courtesy of [b:2q9y0ty9]Dalerone[/b:2q9y0ty9], via: [img:2q9y0ty9][/img:2q9y0ty9] view post


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