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Ewoks, Ewoks, Ewoks posted 17 Jan 2005, 16:01 by anor277, Didact

Just a question that occurred to me over the Xmas holidays, in which I saw the Stars Wars saga again (Return of the Jedi is the one I’m talking about), for the 1st time since I was a kiddie. Well, it’s a sad thing to grow up, because all I’ve got now is carping criticism. Specifically, on the Ewoks planet, the Ewoks, with only bow and arrow technology, take on Imperial troops in what is a crucial struggle regarding the security of the Death Star. Meanwhile, Luke confronts his father and the evil emperor on the Death Star above the planet. My problem? As far as I can see Luke’s confrontation is entirely superfluous to the plot of the story. Had Luke been defeated by his father or the emperor, or even tempted to the dark side (whatever that is!), the Death Star would still have been destroyed by reason of the improbable victory of the Ewoks on the ground. Possibly this same point has been done to death at other times and on different forums. Have I missed something? (Possibly I was distracted from some crucial point by the tragic Ewok deaths) view post

posted 19 Jan 2005, 15:01 by Da-krul, Auditor

We'll yea its "Pointless" but sicne Luke is a main character you have to have him doing SOMETHING, and plus people had been waiting two movies to see a full blown abttle between him and Vadar. view post


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