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Are Humans aliens on this world. posted 05 Jan 2008, 05:01 by logos728, Commoner

There is one short discussion between Akka and Esmenet where Akka mentions a story that says humans came from a different star (Can't remember if it was in TTT od WP I read them so close together). Maybe mankind is a stranded colony. So, if true, this begs the question: What is it about this world that caused both Inchori and Human space ships crash on it? view post

posted 05 Jan 2008, 19:01 by Israfel, Peralogue

That would be "raises the question"... /pedantry It could just that the Inchori landed there because there was life on it when they came across it... view post

posted 05 Jan 2008, 19:01 by Harrol, Moderator

I believe it was the Inchori that came from a different star. There were two groups of humans the firsty were slaves to the non-men the second were the five tribes that would later invade the three seas. view post


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